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Restless Legs Syndrome
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Urine therapy helped me

I have been suffering from RLS for many years. I used lots of different technique such as yoga, meditation, hot water massage etc, but all gave some temporary solution, but I never got permanent relief from this syndrome.

I was aware of the urine therapy from childhood as I have seen some of the rural tribals those used this therapy because they were not exposed fully to the modern medicine, but I was hesitant to use this therapy because of some psychological barrier.

Finally I decided to use this therapy when I was not able to tolerate RLS anymore. I got relief in couple of days, and I am able to sleep well now and I am free from RLS completely.

There are books in amazon or you can google it. It is very simple therapy.

Disclaimer: Please do your own analysis and make decision your own.

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I’m glad you are finding relief through that! Whatever works, right?


Excuse my ignorance, but what exactly is Urine therapy - what does it entail?


Drinking your own urine. raffs. ugh.


Not so sure I could stomach that1

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I don't think I could drink it I've used it for chilblains & it works but as far as drinking your own pee NO THANKS.


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