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Restless Legs Syndrome
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Primary and secondary RLS

I am not sure of definitions about this.

It seem that Primary is defined as genetic and passed on through your genes. So your mother or father had it. Or your grand parents. This has been stated to be 70% of patients

Secondary seems to be too widely characterized as everything else including RLS triggered by food intolerance (triggers).

If you start with this division many people might think they are primary and there is less chance of relief.

In my case the RLS is certainly genetic. Mother, father sister, children. However mine is also triggered by food intolerance. This might mean that 70% of RLS patients have a chance of relief by adopting one of the diets I have mentioned ion other posts. The FODMAP diet and the Low Chemical diet.

Hence it might be possible that people with primary RLS are the main beneficiaries of a diet based approach to relief.

I am not suggesting that a diet is a cure. But if your RLS is triggered by something contained in certain foods and you then avoid those foods. No trigger no RLS equals a very happy patient with eyes wide open and a smile. It might be as simple as avoiding just one group of foods.

Let me know if you want more details of these diets.

I am just about symptom free after 50 years of severe RLS

Please note that I have just read recently about the 70% proportion of primary RLS and I don't know if its correct or what the primary source is.


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I was talking with a gentleman Michael O'Doherty who has a clinic in Ennis in Ireland and he says RLS is treatable and he uses a holistic approach looking at nutrition as a major component:


He has successfully treated many with ME and other mysterious viral illnesses along with asthma and more typical problems and I had initially had been hoping for ME treatment, I am now hopeful I will get help for the RLS. It may be a couple of months before I get to see him but will post results.


Good luck We will all be hoping to hear great news from you.


Does he have a web site or anything we can look at, raffs? As we know many people can claim many things,. Will be looking forward to your report. :)


michealodoherty.ie and a facebook page:



There are TONS of posts her about the FODMAP diet. The genes can be passed down from generation to generation, and in some families the genes never get "triggered". So, they can pass the genetic predisposition down without having symptoms themselves. having Primary RLS does not mean at all that there is " no hope". there are many meds to use, if a diet works for you, so be it. I have never found any food triggers for me at all in 25 years. But different things work for different people. We have a ton of posts on diet and especially the Fodmap diet, just put it into the search box and there will be more than you can read. The people who like it really like it, but it certainly is not the answer for all, like nothing is. There is no one thing that we can say works for everyone. Secondary RLS would be caused by an underlying issue, like taking the wrong meds, many classes of meds for many things can actually cause RLS, or trigger the genes we might be carrying. But, we certainly have enough posts on FODMAP. :) IT has been done to death.

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I’ve never heard of the FODMAP diet. I would love more info!

For the past few weeks I have been doing some intermittent Fasting along with flowing a Keto/paleo diet. Although I haven’t followed the diet to the letter, I have already noticed a difference in my RLS symptoms.

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