Bladder problems

After advice, last 5 years I been suffering, anything I drink is making me go a wee, Just returned from holiday, and after just a few beers I’m going to the toilet every 5-10 mins, I try holding it as long as possible, but can’t, it’s not just beer, is any drinks, tea coffee water, fizzy, the only thing that’s ok is lattes, if I make my own I’m fine, so milk is fine, I had about 7 beers on holiday one night, and I was constantly going regular ever 10 mins max, and then one gone to bed was getting up about 5 times in the night to go, it’s getting beyond a joke, I avoid drinking anything if I’m going shopping unless it’s a latte, and avoid social evens as I’m forever needing to pee.

Once I go once, then it’s ever 10 mins unless I don’t drink anything and then I get headaches.

Is there any medication for this as is driving me mad.

Thank you so much and hope to hear from anyone who has this and controls it.

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  • Are you posting on the right forum? This is Restless Legs Syndrome.

    You need to see a GP. There are meds’ for overactive bladder, such as oxybutinin or similar. You may have a neurological condition or even an infection.

    Good luck at GP

  • Depending on whether you rattle when shaken- or not-- you could be suffering from Enlarged Prostate or Cystitis. Both need medical attention and have medication available.

    If it's the Restless legs you're not complaining about - then a whole rake of bodies here will tell you that 7 pints is not a good idea for a good nights kip.

    But thanks for the post anyways!😂

  • This can't be a rls post, surely. I have just had a bladder neck incision procedure done as I have bladder problems. But I very rarely touch alchohol due to the meds I take and the fact that alchohol is one of the main triggers for my rls. But I don't think they are connected.

  • 7 pints is nearly a gallon! Alcohol will make you pee and fizzy drinks are a no no for many as bad for you triggers many things! Caffiene is a pee trigger also stick to water and less caffene for a while then so what happens

  • It’s not pints, on holiday there just little plastic cups. Also sorry about asking on here I thought it was all conditions.

  • Hi Ttwir,

    There have been a couple of bladder problem threads on this forum in the past but you will get much more help/advice if you join another HU community with this issue. In the first instance you really must make an appointment to see a doctor to discuss this.

    Look after yourself.

  • Hi

    I was seen by the hospital and had reached the end of the road with medication and the buzzer you tense the pelvic floor with. My next option was was mesh procedure which I didn’t fancy. Some ladies have had very bad problems with this. Then I discovered the ‘pelvic toner’ which worked well. I paid £30 for mine.

    Then I purchased a trampet ‘rebounder’ which has bungee ropes not springs so it is quiet. I used it every day and within two weeks I noticed a huge difference with my ‘urgency’ and ‘frequency’. I paid £250 for mine from Amazon. I bounce up and down whilst watching tv. I only bounce around 3 inches so no danger involved. I no longer use the toner but if I leave off the rebounder for a week I get the issues again.

    Hope that helps

  • I have huge sympathy for bladder sufferers but envy your solutions with bungee ropes, springs, bouncers and buzzers! All we get is a bar of soap and a magnet!

    Good luck.


  • that much liquid is going to make ANYONE "weeeeeeeeee" all the time. But, suggest you find a group in here for bladder issues, etc. This is for RLS, Restless Legs Syndrome, so while we may be able to sympathize, we cannot advise you on medication. You NEED to go see your doctor, to make sure you do not have other issues, like a weak bladder neck, or something else. This web site has all kinds of groups, just do a quick search and you will find some help.

  • Had two coffees yesterday and peed 11 times, been searching on here for bladder forum but only finding cancer related chats, anyone know the name of any groups on HU, ?

    I’ve searched OAB and bladder issues but only getting results with pre op and cancer related things, sorry about posting on here, but I do have RLS as well and have talked about it on here, going doctors in a few weeks regarding my peeing, woke up 7.30 needing to pee, then went again 15 mins later, had only had a couple of coffees the day before, and I only drink alcohol on holiday and xmas. The beers I had on my holiday are only small cups.

    Once again, sorry for posting in wrong group, but I’m trying to find the correct group.

    Thanks for your understanding

  • Try Bladder and bowel Community used to be the B&BF

    what else do you have? as in fibro we have the FMA.UK on that forum there is much about internals

  • Thank you, I have fibromyalgia, RA, osteoporosis, (fractured spine) depression, I will check out the bladder community

  • In the fibro section on here there is much about bladder

  • Can’t seem to find the bladder and bowel community

  • No need to apologise at all Ttwir. I was aware that you had posted on here about RLS. oscarbravo has suggested a community and on having a google I see that you have already joined another more appropriate forum not connected to HU. I wish you well with this problem. Please do go and see your doctor too as soon as you are able. Take care.

  • I read your post when I was looking for a bladder post but I couldn’t find one.

  • I joined the bladder one on link above but not had no replys, Heath unlocked is only place I get replys.

  • A bit sloooow on there to be honest!

  • Hi

    Try the pelvic pain support network as it deals with all matters to do with the bladder, I'm a member as iv trouble with my bladder, it sounds like uv an overactive bladder like me and I take mirabegron for mine, I'm due to have a bladder function test on Thursday to find out why I'm having these problems, hope u get some answers.

  • is pelvic pain support network on this site or another forum ?

  • I see that you found the pelvic pain support networks community on here, Ttwir. I hope you will find it of some help.

  • Thank you so much for your help

  • If u type it into ur search box it will come then u just join

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