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So here I am at 5 am having not slept., nor been able to keep still. I ordered my repeat prescription in good time, but it has not been sent to the chemist and now it is the weekend. I take x2 Mirapex( which I have) and one Oxycodone which have run out. The combination works for me but is a fragile balance. My doctor did the same last month but somehow I managed to go and pick up the prescription on a Saturday. I realise that they are busy, but my condition relies on these drugs. To imagine another night like this is v. upsetting. Apparently I can call 111 and they will send me to another doctor so I will try to do that when the world wakes up. or maybe now...will look it up online. Why oh why can't they just check with you and supply automatically.

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  • Hi, the same thing happened to me. My meds didn't arrive and the pharmacy said my prescription had not been okayed by doctor, so no meds. I was able to phone an out -of-hours doctor who arranged for me to go to hospital for checkup. Five hours later I walked out with 2 tablets and a BP that was quite high as you can imagine. Anyway I survived. With you it is oxy that you need. Much worse than me and as you say something you rely on. I know doctors are rushed but surely it should have been on his/her desk for signing or whatever and not just left there. I feel for you. Maybe you could build up a small stock so you order a week before needed to give a breathing space? Don't kick the dog in the meantime!


  • Thank you for caring...making me cry.

    So next episode of my pill saga! Phoned 111 at 5.45 this morning and after a lot of questions , was put on the doctors callback list and she called 15 minutes later. After my explanations of the situation, she gave me an appt. at the local out of hours clinic for 10am. Phew, off I went, in a taxi as it was raining and I was quite wobbly , having been up all night. To conclude: lovely doctor gave me a prescription for x3 oxycodone after a lengthy inquisition . Arrived at chemist, who commiserated with me and said that he had been trying to reach my doctors surgery for me. Finally, arrived home, put radio on, took a pill, and slept for one blissful hour and a does mean tho, that I have now had an extra oxy, as will need one this evening....why do they make me feel like an addict when my condition requires this medication.....x

  • I like an "adventure" with a happy ending. The leaflet that comes with your oxy will tell you how to handle the extra dose. Keep well x

  • I presume you are in UK What a horrible system you have there. In Australia we have our grizzles about medical stuff but nothing like this. I was interstate a month ago and my wife had forgotten her diabetes medicine. A pharmacist where we were rang our local pharmacist at home and then sold us my wife's medicine with the requirement that we send a prescription to them when we returned home. Such a contrast, everybody just wanted to help.

    Time to get political and demand a better system.



  • Thanks for your reply Graham, but that would have worked in uk. The oxcodone is a controlled drug and that is the problem and why I have to request it every month. Still a stupid rule, as it is necessary every day.??

  • Oh I'm so sorry for you I had night from hell last night with full body RLS and I'm not sure it's looking good for tonight .I think you need to ring out of hours dr and tell them and maybe they can give you emregency prescription .Its so horrible please ring them it's not you're fault ,maybe ask dr if you could have an extra weeks supply to cope with delays .Take care xx😇🤗🙏🏻

  • Dear Matrix, I did go to the out of hours clinic and got 3 days supply so only had one night of torture (see above) and yes will try to see doctor to suggest an extra weeks supply since this can now happen every month. Hope the pills are now delivered tomorrow!!

  • I'm so pleased you got some help sweetie it's not fun is it . I really think if these Drs had RLS and FIBRO for 6 months they would be a lot more supportive of us and understand what we have to put up with . Must be nice to get a nice sleep I'm so happy for you . Bye for now xx😇🤗🤗

  • Hi Funnyfennel,

    I've had a similar problem since they changed the system for supplying prescriptions from going to the GP direct, to making an appointment.

    My mother let me take charge of getting my medicine , but oversaw what was going on, so I used to go to my GP as a kid about 30mins before his surgery was about to start, explain which pills I needed and he would write out a prescription straight away! Blow the speed with which computers work, it's the people who operate them that dictate how fast it prints! It also made the relationship between the GP and me more of a friendship.

    Now, I have to take note of when I've got about a week's supply of any medication and then zip up to the surgery to request the presciption, then 2 days later go and collect the prescription (if it's been done!), take it to the chemist who may not have the medicine and apart from arguing about the symptoms I'm being suffering until they do have the medicine, make do until they have a supply. If I do it 7 day's ear;lier than i need, I rarely get this problem so it's worth the trouble.

    There are time when I do overlook one and I do try to get some help, but I am surprised that the chemists can't exchange supplies with other chemists, considering they people they are supposed to serving.


  • Hi Lindy, do you live in the States?

    I usually just phone the chemist a week before the pills finish and they request it from my doctor. BUT, as you say its the system and how efficiently the prescription is sent back to the chemist. In UK, the Health service is so overwhelmed and in Sussex, many surgeries have closed, possibly because there are not enough trained doctors who are willing to take the pressure.

    I think another system needs to be introduced, even for controlled drugs, because if you need them, then you need them on time.

    Thank you for responding, its good to share our experience.

  • Sorry Funnyfennel, no I live just south of London. I suppose because I've been dealing with my meds for such a long time I don't like the chemists ordering because I've either had to wait for an extra couple of days or have ended up with the generic version of one medicine which doesn't work.

    I've been asked several times if I'd like them to order medicines on a regular basis, but as the medicines for my RLS have augmented in the past, I just want to keep tabs on things. I hope it doesn't happen, but in my life I've found things taking a nasty turn when I assume I've got them under control.

    Don't worry that's me!,

    I agree with you it's good to share experiences, and I find it quite reassuring when I read what other people have written to support those going through some issues.


  • Just reading this thread and thought I'd put my two cents in. I agree that there needs to be a new system put into place. Here in Norway, when a doctor puts in a prescription it goes into the medical database and you can pick it up at any pharmacy. I moved here from Texas about 5 years ago and wow! I was blown away when first introduced to this system! I admit I take advantage of it now, but wow! Reading threads like these just reminds me of how the system was back home and of how unnecessarily hard it was to get prescriptions on time. Now after having been exposed to a really bad system and a really good system, it makes me wonder why nations can't get together and agree on a system like Norway's. Am I just being naive, or would that not be so hard to figure out? I mean, how is it that one nation has it figured out (Norway -- a small nation of just over 5 million!) and another one doesn't?

  • Hi Jess

    Fancy migrating from the US to Norway. There must be quite a story behind that.

    The difference might be that when Norway found they had a lot of oil the government decided that foreign companies could make a profit out of it but just enough to make it worth their while. Tax them til their eyes water. The taxes went to a sovereign investment fund to forever pay for all sorts of services for the owners of the oil - the people of Norway. I think you have free education and health. Hard to beat 5 million smart and healthy people.

  • Good theory! Maybe!

    Yes, we certainly are being taxed up the wahzoo over here!

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