I had a thirst, an insatiable thirst. I woke up at 3am after a great sleep (fell asleep at 7:30pm), and was instantly hit with how dreadfully thirsty I was. I knew water woudn't suffice, milk? maybe, but no.

I knew exactly what it was. It was a craving for one drink in particular. And I could picture it in the fridge door, calling me. I knew i shouldv'e thrown the bloody stuff out. Too late .... I was powerless, and I just simply had to have it.

And ahh .... it was soooo nice. I had 3 full glasses .... and I skulled them all. And it wasn't alcohol, milk? Mavbe wouldv'e worked, but not as near as satisfying.

For those of you that have been following my recent posts, you wlil most definately understand. Yep ..... ya got it one ..... it was my beautiful Tropical Fruit Juice.

I guess I'ĺl be paying the price in a couple of days.

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  • congratulations, you're human! (to err is human, right?) We should also include "to want the forbidden is human".

    I hope you don't pay for it at all (wishful thinking? Ok, I hope you don't pay for it too much)

    BTW, when I saw the title of this post I immediately thought: "Wait, you have RLS, don't you? Well then, you are not weak."

  • That's where my thoughts were heading, not diabetes as well! We all have things occasionally, risking a trigger. As you say Jess, human not weak.

  • Elle,

    You were at the AGM, right? Sitting at the table, on the laptop? Sorry I didn't introduce myself. I sat in the first row right across from you. It was nice to meet the people behind the usernames.

  • No wasn't there sorry x

  • Oh, ok. Never mind, then. 😊

  • That stuff is laced with sugar. I'd be more concerned about having diabetes if you were that thirsty and what you woke up in was possibly a state of hypoglycemia? Or is could be the opposite, high blood sugar because you went to sleep after consuming a lot of carbs. Or was the thirst not the dying of thirst type?

  • Nope have had the test .... negative

  • Which test?

  • Don't know what it's called but during last hospital visit, idiot nurse wanted to check my 'something' level because of the diabetes!! I explained not me ... never had it. Nurses don't like being told they're wrong. So she pin pricked me, read the level, huffed, and walked off. So I asked her if I had diabetes, she said no.

    I believed her.

  • It was your glucose level.

  • Please bare with my ignorance, but is that the correct test that can indicate diabetes?

    To further explain my thirst ... it was actually just a one off. Seriously feel that I was regrettably just missing my newfound love for the tropical fruit juice, which BTW has not (yet) had any negative influence on my RLS ... YAY

    But thanks for the concern

  • Same thing happens with me and colas. I absolutely need one if I've gone even 3 days without.

    So Phogan: you are human; you are not weak!😄

    Take care,

  • Said that I was dreadfully thirsty. Not deadly. 😕

  • It happens. Food and beverages are so powerful. But I hope your pain and suffering are minimal and short-lived. Or that you have none at all. Maybe your body was crying out for some nutritional elements that the fruit juice contained. Anyway hope you are feeling better very soon. Take care. Burma

  • I go with the diabetes.

  • That is SO true, Burma! Our bodies are definitely smart. They KNOW what they need (or crave), even though our minds say "no, definitely not". (For me, at least) it is only with an IMMENSE sense of willpower that we (I) are able to challenge the body's cravings.

  • Hi Phogan

    If you have a reaction to your drink it will confirm, for you, that the fruit juice is a trigger. Its so difficult to pin these things down

  • Hey guys, it's now 11pm and have continued thoroughly enjoying my Tropical fruit juice (couldn't toss it .... wasteful!).

    2nd night plus one day, fingers crossed. RLS still behaving.

    Happy girl

  • Hey, that's great!

  • It might not prove anything. It could be that a couple of glasses per night for a week might set you off but perhaps three glasses in isolation might not reach your thresh hold of torture.

    We could all encourage you to throw the rest out OR we could encourage you to drink three glasses every night for a week - just to be mean.

    Please throw it away until you are once again sleeping soundly and then reintroduce the tropical fruit juice by having a half glass one night then a full glass the next and so on until you reach the limit of your desire (sounds like three glasses) or the demon strikes and destroys a night's sleep. Make sure that everything else you eat for that period is "safe"

    The good thing about testing your response with tropical fruit juice is that it tests so many types of fruit at once. The other good thing is that if you have a bad reaction to the juice you only suffer for 24 hours (perhaps 48) and THEN you throw the rest of the juice away and you sleep again!

    The bad thing about testing with multiple fruits all at the same time is that you don't know which one offended. I'd bet against the Mango as a starting point.

    Incidentally pine apple is supposed to be fairly benign and tastes pretty good.

    It could become a hobby.

    Good Luck


  • Expanding upon what Graham says:

    I started drinking pineapple juice after my husband mentioned that pineapple extract helps with inflammation. I LOVE how it tastes (and it isn't one of my triggers for an attack).

  • Pineapple is a low FODMAP food.

  • Jackpot!!!

    Good to know. Thanks!

  • Pineapple was the one and only craving that I experienced with my pregnancies.

    For at least 6 months I cooked pineapple merange tarts, cakes, puddings etc. every day without fail.

    Lucky the family didn't mind, but I somehow doubt that they would've had much say in the matter.

    I still quite like it too.

  • Advice much appreciated. But I must confess to indulging in another 3 glasses today and am still a happy girl.

  • BTW, Phogan, I LOVE how you did this post -- I could "hear" your humor!

  • Thanks so much. There have been a few occasions on the site (when I first joined) that I got the impression that my Aussie sense of humour was misunderstood. And I wouldn't have been at all surprised as (at times can be seriously extremely dry) but you seem to be getting me and I'm stoked..

  • I admit that at times I do strain to get your humor, but I definitely got this. You're being you and you are confident. Few have the ability to be that confident, so kudos! 😁

    Stoked means thrilled, right?

  • Yep

  • Hey, give me an Aussie joke please. (Don't worry, am not the kind of person to laugh at your expense, saying "ha! Ha! Look what she wrote!")

    I am geniunely interested.

    I live in Noway, but am American. One of the many things I've learned is our senses of humor differ. It's very interesting.

    Hey can I PM you a story about this? Won't take long, I promise 🙂

  • No problem.

    I have a new fav joke.

    What's the difference between a doctor and God?

    God doesn't think he's a doctor!

  • Let's see... (so sorry, but not getting this right away) My husband's thinking about it as well...

    My stab at it: doctors think they're Gods, whereas God knows he's God but is humble enough to admit that he's not a doctor? Am I right?

  • 👍

  • What are the similarities between an Aussie man and a koala?

    They both eat, route and leaves.

    (I will probably be asked to delete this one)

  • They both just eat and leave the area?

    No...wait! They're both lazy?

  • Ahh good one

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