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Restless Legs Syndrome
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I was rather hesitant in seeking advice regarding fruit juice affecting RLS. Thank you to all of you that replied.

Actually I was terrified that I was regrettably about to encounter the dreaded warning signs of the about to encounter the dreaded warning signs of the beginning of augmentation

I tried to look back for any indications that could pin point showing that I was doing anything different if I was actually consuming something new and/ot different in my diet that could possibly have the affect of aggravating my RLS.

The only new prominent, dominant consumption that I had introduced into my diet was tropical fruit juice.

I am now happy to report that my last consumption of fruit juice was at 10 am this morning and all symptoms had been eliminated by. 3 this afternoon.

I am also pleased to be able to inform you (with extreme confidence) that I have also seem to have won the battle between myself and my phone addiction. Well ... almost. A tad fib there I'm afraid. (Albeit a tiny white lie)

Altho, with the exception of tonight, (I must hereby confess) that the compulsion to access the replies from HU to access the replies from HU regarding my previous post, was simply just too hard to difficult to ignore.

So now it is midnight and I'm still awake, but in my defence, the overwhelming force to gain access to your replies to my query was simply just too overpowering and exhilarating and the call to information had an exceptional pull



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Phogan as far as I am concerned ones diet has been reduced to a minimum as just about everything has something in it which aggravates the dreaded lurgy.orange juice being on the list.


I love tropical fruit juice!! My mouth started watering as soon as I read your words. Alas it is now just another memory that I enjoy looking back on as I devour my rice cake with mature cheese and decaf tea. Then I look forward to sleeping tonight until morning and I know I can live without delicious tropical fruit juice.

Glad to hear you have solved your problem.




This is very interesting, thank you. I've thought that oranges may make me worse.

I know some responders advise the best way forward is a total exclusion diet and then add back, but not sure if I'll be very good at that.

I know also that everyone is different, but if others of you could give me pointers about foods they think makes things worse I would be very grateful.

I've wondered about cheese and avoided religiously then decided maybe it made no difference. Others I've considered are - vanilla extract, marmite and other sources of yeast extract which of course then causes problems re most stock cubes.

Gluten - but don't think it does make a difference

Then there's sugar of course and I know I should avoid it but when you feel so very tired day time it feels like the only thing which will get you through the day.

Also caffeine. If I don't have caffeine in the morning my brain just remains in a total fog. I don't take it after 11 and try to limit to 2 cups.

I've such awful symptoms and it can be very variable from bad to absolutely dreadful with barely any sleep at all, that it can be hard to decide what is chance food wise and what is a genuine effect.

Thanks for any input from anyone


I have found that limiting myself to 2 cups of coffee (mugs really) a day and not after 7pm has helped my sleep. I also think sugar and alcohol should be monitored too. Other than that supplements of the trace minerals - zinc, potassium, magnesium, iron are all really important and the way you take them is also important (so that you don't just lose them down the loo) but others more well versed than me have put some good science up here on that.

Good luck!


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