Restless Legs Syndrome
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Good evening everyone. I have some questions that I would truly appreciate those of you who have had RLS since childhood answering if you wouldn't mind. And they are as follows:

1. How old were you when the symptoms of RLS struck?

2. Could you please describe said symptoms?

3. Approximately what time did these symptoms arrive?

4. What was the duration of the symptoms?

5. How did you cope with the symptoms, eg how did you react?

6. What time did the symptoms cease?

7. What was the level of concern that you received from your family?

8. Did you receive belief, understanding, compassion or empathy?

9. What was the advice given by the doctors?

10. How did you cope with school? Were your teachers aware of your suffering? Did they show concern and understanding at all?

11. How old were you when you were first diagnosed?

12. How old are you now?

13. What medications are you taking at the moment?

14. What medications have you taken in the past?

15, How long did these previous medications last and why did you cease to take them?

16. How would you describe your 'Quality of Life'?

17. How has RLS affected your relationships?

18. Does anyone else in your family have RLS.

I hope these questions have not been too intrusive and I truly appreciate (in advance) you taking the time to answer them.

Thank you so much.

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