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Restless Legs Syndrome
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Need a little help please

I am have a few late afternoons where my legs are giving me a few problems and I am starting to wake up several times at night and having to get up for 10-15 minutes to do some arm exercise/walk about a bit (RLS features mostly in my left arm at night) even though I get 5-7 hours' sleep at night. Would anyone consider this the early onset of Augmentation and Early-Morning Rebound and it is time to come off Ropinerol?


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Yep. Sounds almost exactly like my symptoms.

Had to remain sort of active from late afternoon onwards, took ropinirol somewhere between 8 and 9PM, RLS urges subsiding some 1.5-2hrs later. Waking up around 2AM, 4 AM, 6 AM or something the like.

Got worse after a while, because couldn't even get back to sleep after most often the 4AM wake up.

Falling asleep no problem (tired!).

Have started to cut down on the ropinirole a week ago. Have started to add 100mg of gabapentine (after consultation with neurologist). Although she didn't think it necessary to cut down on the ropinirol.

But I have read too many stories and replies here.

What is your history? How long RLS? What dose of ropinirol?

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Hi LotteM

To save you a little trouble I have had RLS for over 30 years but only minor symptoms but after a major back operation last year it sent it into overdrive. I am on 2.5mg Ropinerole which I have been on for about a year and 1 x 300mg Gabapentin for a few months, all taken in the evening. The problem for me is that as the night time issue seems to relate to my arm and shoulder and not my leg I do wonder if I have a separate problem in my shoulder. I work at a desk on a computer all day and cycle a lot so my shoulders are always rolled forward. When I am in bed I now sleep on my back so my shoulders are open which they are not used to. I have tried some yoga "heart opening" exercises and my shoulders and pecks were really tight, so this may be why my arm/shoulders are having an issue and not caused by RLS as I know it is more unusual for it to affect the arms. More info than you really wanted huh!


I have nerve damage in my right arm, and rotator cuff tear, which causes me a big problem, then the RLS gets in there as well, nightmare. I also have arthritis in my hips, so RLS is bad for that too. I am now on 4mg at night ropinerol, and quite honestly, am having a good nights sleep, for the time being. Duriing the night, I have found sleeping with a cushion under the affected arm while sleeping on my left was more comfortable. Doing something which fully engages the hands & concentration, like an absorbing hobby, is something you might try, depending on your lifestyle. WE sufferers have to find ways of coping with this miserable disease, until a cure is found.


Oh. I have seen several of your earlier posts. Need to reread them. Back later.

(Need to focus on work again.)

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