I had my yearly MRI scan today for checking my MS deterioration (or hopefully lack of it) and while in the scan I worried that the total moving around of all my brain atoms was bound to trigger an RLS reaction.

I've had about 14 nights free of RLS now I've upped the evening dose of oxycontin and all was going well. My suspicions were right and the MRI has fried my brain atoms. Since lying down to sleep first my right big toe experienced the sharp stabbing pain- as though from a big thick sharp needle several times and then sure enough, less than 5 mins later the right leg kicked off. Walked round the room, did some cleaning and put some laundry away and when I tried to lie down again, the left leg kicked off. I've just taken a solpadeine max ( codeine & paracetemol) and will walk and stretch a bit more then watch some catch up episodes of Outlander on Amazon.

Anyone else experience bad RLS after an MRI scan? Thankfully I only have one a year!

Take care fellow RLSers


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  • I found no change in my rls after MRI scan. Rls is so inconsistent. Frequently I think I've found something that improves or worsens the condition but it changes again

  • Stress?😢

  • Very possibly . Legs are playing up again now so maybe it's just a flare up and the normal drugs are not doing as well as they have for last 2 weeks. I'll just have to find a new series to binge watch and sleep from 6- noon tomorrow.

  • Sorry to hear that-- keep strong.

    I suppose you've tried all the usual short term aids.?

    Magnesium orally, magnesium oil rub , iron , massage - I use an electric " thumper" , various leg stretches.

    Sometimes I find paracetamol (500) allows me to get to sleep- even though it's not supposed to be effective for rls.

    All the best.

  • Thanks Madlegs-Yep, I've been popping magnesium through the night & still use iron bisglycinate at night. Been doing all the stretch exercises as well & taking solpadeine max ( paracetemol & codeine) during night. Will look into the electric thumper massager.

    Clearly a bad flare up. I actually think it's similar to MS in that way. For no reason you suddenly hit a patch of bad nights despite taking the same drugs & not eating or drinking anything that might be a trigger. At least I hope that's right as I hate to think the oxycontin & pregabalin have stopped working .

    Onwards & upwards....

  • I'm with you on this. I find myself dreading to go to bed too early-it just means a longer night. Sometimes I stay up binging on my DVD's usually something British. Love the Britcoms, Downton Abbey, Masterpiece mysyery and many others some very old. Even the settings are soothing to me-English country houses Miss Marple's village. Then when it's light outside I can finally get a few hours of early morning sleep. Also, fortunate to be retired and can take a nap later. At least it's a way to somewhat keep up with sleep. It's not very pleasant or funny but at least I get things done during the night, cooking food in batches to freeze, cleaning. It helps that these activities keep me moving. We do what we have to do!

  • Haha. I binge watch US series like House of Cards, American Gods and Big Little lies. But I do get lots of cleaning and ironing done at night.

  • Maybe we're onto something. Could we patent it and make some money? (LOL)

  • Yep or set up a night time ironing service

  • Maybe I could post a couple of bin bags full of clothes that need ironing to your house ? ( just to help YOU out of course! ) x

  • Brilliant idea Pipps!

  • You can be our first Customer. As our first you are entitled to a discount (lol)

  • I took tramadol before I had one.Every day or night though is a continuing state.

  • It's a horrible disease- no respite without drugs. Last night was a little better but at least I got all the washing and ironing done by 6am this morning.

  • Yes, who will not agree with you but you still have your good sense of humor. I am not on this site often but I see I can learn a lot from each one and I am so grateful for that. Thanks to all for caring enough to try helping with your experiences.

    I went not long ago to a neurologist and I was told that she treats RLS when I asked before making an appointment. When I was there, she did not seem to know anything about RLS, she was just guessing and told me to go on a lesser dose of Lyrica after I told her so.

    This week I am going back to tell her why now and then I have horrible nights and what to do on these nights when I don't know what to do with myself. Probably she does not know better than me.

    So my point here is if a neurologist does not specialize in RLS, don't go, he cannot really help you. Now I look first on the internet before going to see them. Enjoy the rest of the day Jools and thanks for sharing.

  • Thank you Alia. You are absolutely right- we become more expert than the neurologists.

    Take care

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