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Restless Legs Syndrome
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Heat and RLS

Hi, I have just joined the community, I didn't know you existed. Do people find that their RLS is worse in the summer when it's hot. I stretch my calf muscles out in the evening and I take Amitriptyline at night to help most of the time it helps. I would love some advice on how to stop the heat getting to my legs so I can just have a few good nights sleep. Thank you.

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Using a fan might cool things down?

Spraying fine water mist also could work?

Most people find Amitriptoline makes the rls worse.


Thanks, Madlegs1


Hi cyclinglady. Welcome to our awesome sight. Glad you are here. I have had RLS for 15-20 years (it has been so long I can't remember) and have honestly not found a difference between Summer, Spring, Winter or Fall...they are all bad!!! Please keep us apprised of what you find out from others. You are in the right place :)


Thank you Lbf2016 I think it's because I a waking up with the heat as you know when you awake you feel your legs. I also have had RLS for as long as I can remember. Very occasionally it will effect my arms as well.


Yes, heat or temperature has always made my symptoms worse. Things were exceptionally bad while living in a desert region and when I drove a bus that had no air conditioning there. Cooling down helped reduce the sensations. Sometimes I felt like a blow torch was on my feet and legs. I now live in a coastal climate. Ice packs help, off and on.


Thank you RunswithPonies that is a very interesting idea.


I ordered ice sheets. I've had RLS for many years. For a time, stretches did the trick, then needed to add a bottom satin sheet (cooler). After several months, I ordered 2 flat ice sheets. When I have my nightly attack I get one, put in a pillow case and lay on stomach. I can sleep with it.

Eventually, I got worse and needed to walk, pace for 15 to 30 minutes during the night. I use a combo. But, the 1 consistency: if I get off the computer 4 or more hours before I sleep, I have little problem. And, if i'm away from the computer for at least 8 hours, I have a great night sleep.


Thank you BoldMove, my legs are worse if I am on the computer in the evening I do my knitting in the evening. I am also finding stretches are not woring as well an I am hurting other bits of my body now trying to stretch out. I also find if I am have an attack and stretching that seems to help. I will have a look in to ice sheets as I think they might be the solution.


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