Restless Legs Syndrome
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I have had RLS for about 3 yrs now it used to be just my legs that would twitch as I relaxed and fell to sleep then it was every time I relaxed now its in my back and shoulders is where I feel it first and it sends a vibration through my body and my leg twitches at the last second ..... what causes this and why am I sleeping less too at night but find it easy to fall to sleep in the day ?

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Hi- I know you were on here before (similar monikers)! -- could you remind us what medications you are on and the dosages.?


You could look into iron, magnesium and folic acid on this site, and elsewhere. People who have RLS seem to have a genetic problem with iron, esp. and the brain/blood barrier, etc. where some of these necessary nutrients cannot get to the brain where they are needed to keep the nerves calm. There is much more to it than that (dopamine, for instance), but some of us have found relief (tho it never goes away forever) using iron bisglycinate, 25 mg; folic acid 400mg to 800mg; and magnesium maybe 400 mg. This is a start, but sleep problems can be another animal altogether. This would be if you are looking for either a non-drug approach or a mixed approach ( of nutrients and drugs) It depends upon the severity of your problem and how you like to approach things.

I know little or nothing about drugs for RLS, so you would have to get that info from someone else on this site. Or look it up. Many doctors have either little or no knowledge of RLS, and some of the people who have RLS have better info about this tricky condition. Trial and error is often how we find out what works or doesn't. Do some research.


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