Restless Legs Syndrome
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I suffered with RLS from age 30 until I turned 60. I used to have to stay awake every night i order to attempt to alleviate the nightmare pain and non-stop movement in my legs.

It became so bad I felt I couldn't go on with it much longer and had thoughts of ending it all.

I then was referred to Wrightington Hospital near Wigan and the consultant suggested I try Fentanyl. They weren't keen on subscribing Fentanyl as it can have sever side effects for people who aren't used to such a powerful narcotic type drug. Fortunately, because of other health conditions I'd been taking Tramadol and my body coped nicely with Fentanyl.

Within a few hours of placing a 50mg Fentanyl patch on my upper body, the RLS stopped. That was 10 years ago and the only time the RLS returns (with a vengeance) is if I'm late changing the patches. Patches must be changed every three days and it really does pay not to be late swapping them!

Obviously Fentanyl won't be the answer for everyone, but it certainly works for me.

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Oh yes - Fentanyl will definitely do a job on the restless legs. It's about the strongest painkiller commonly available and should only be for very severe pain. ( end of life / cancer/ post op.)

I hope you never have to come off it.



Hi... Consultants have told me that I'll have to stay on the drug indefinitely. Fortunately, I've had no side effects at all. However, the doctors did tell me that Fentanyl, in some cases, can shorten life-expectancy. I'm willing to accept that as I couldn't have lived with the nightmare symptoms for much longer.

Seems more and more sufferers of RLS and Fibromyalgia are being successfully prescribed Fentanyl. I also suffer from CFS/ME and it does appear that all these symptoms are , in some way, connected with each other. The CFS arrived after a severe bout of pneumonia that almost finished me off.


Try the FODMAP diet It might let you enjoy life for another 20 years. AND the diet might be a bit restrictive but its better than the alternative IF it works for you. Not much trouble to try it out Search this forum for references to it and that will inform you.

Good Luck

I hope you write back in 3 months to report 12 hours of sleep every night.

If the FODMAP diet is only a partial relief than there is a Low Chemical Diet from The Royal Prince Alfed Hospital in Sydney Australia. It has completely suppressed my RLS symptoms (unless I stray from the straight and narrow)




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