Restless legs pain day and night

Hi guys

I am diagnosed with Restless legs syndrome as wellas Fibromyalgia. Recently, we have had hot weather in Lincoln where I live and I have had chronic pain in both legs day and night. I have been working out 3-4 tines a week with Tae Bo (low impact versions) but nothing appears to be helping this pain. Normally my Amitriptyline at night helps so have never looked at Parkinsons medication which was suggested by the Neurologist years ago. Does anyone have any advice on what might help please because am due back to work after some leave and I'm not rested at all at the moment.

Many thanks

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  • Hi Mandy,

    Have you been taking Amitriptyline for a while because not many RLS sufferers can tolerate that drug as it makes their RLS much worse. On the RLS-UK website it is listed as one of the medications to avoid.

  • None of my present medications are making it worse because I have taken them all for a good few years now. In fact Amitriptyline is quite helpful because my muscles spasm and it can relax them slightly. So no it isn't the Amitriptyline.

  • Do you take antihistamines? Just a thought.

    If the only thing you have changed is the exercising, we do hear from others from time to time that it can exacerbate their RLS. Some members find exercising earlier in the day, rather than the evening can help. Perhaps you already do tae bo in the mornings.

  • Yes I do exercise in the morning for the very reason evening exercise exacerbates my conditions. I wonder if it is the heat as don't tale anti histamines and no other change really. Just annoying!

  • The heatwave has abated now so hopefully you may be able to see if it is the heat or something else.

  • Someone told me that tart cherry juice is sometimes helpful. I take 8 ounces just before going to bed and it seems to make a difference.

  • I too have the Lupus anticoagulant and protein C and S deficient! For my RLS I take requip that does the trick!

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