Article on lack of sleep exacerbating symptoms

Discovered an article this morning in my inbox from a scientific popularizer Futurism on how lack of sleep exacerbates pain and how scientists at Boston Children's Hospital had discovered that caffeine is a more powerful analgesic than morphine.

Here's the first paragraph:

Coffee is full of surprises, and one more was uncovered this week by researchers from the Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH). They found that coffee’s secret weapon, caffeine, and another stimulating chemical helped sleep-deprived mice deal with pain. They concluded that if we want to help people with chronic pain, we must first address with the fatigue that so many endure.

And here's the webpage:

If anything comes of it, which it might, it will probably be too late for us of advanced age, but for the generations born in the sixties and after, it may prove useful.

happy weekend from Norway!


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  • Wow- these Americans are so to the forefront of medical research.

    I find giving the grandchildren a triple shot expresso in the morning keeps them going all day at a 100mph.

    Haven't tried it on the mice yet! 😎

  • Madlegs1 you could sprinkle a bit of speed on their coco pops too :)

    Its been known for some time that lack of sleep exacerbates a whole host of conditions. IN fact insomnia is linked to high BP, cardiac problems and even death.

    Don't know about the caffeine as I feel wired and out of sorts with too much.

    Pain is very susceptible to mood as well.

  • Lidl 81% dark chocolate is the boyo!

  • Pee'd my pants laughing hard at this one madlegs

  • Yes. They put caffeine in Bayer aspirin and excederin aspirin enhance pain relief.

  • Just caught up with this thread. I see the clowns of Ireland are on top form. :D

  • Its the weather - 364 days of rain you got to have a sense of humour.

    How do you know its summer in Ireland?

    The rain is slightly warmer :)

    Thank you, thank you. I'll be here all week :)

  • Who paid for the research?

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