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For quote some time now, in the evening I get odd involuntary neck movements, a slight shake of the head from side to side. It's a bit disconcerting I have to say. I wondered if it could be related to rls. Has anyone had anything similar? I do get rls in my shoulders, arms, hands, wrists, legs and knees when I'm very tired. Fortunately for me I don't suffer every day since increasing my magnesium.

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  • What medications are you on - and the dosage?

  • When it started I wasn't taking any meds for rls just Gaviscon advance for my reflux. Now I take Ranitidine 150 mg twice daily or Lansoprazole 30 mg daily for reflux, both of which increase rls, just Ranitidine currently, and Clonazepam when needed and usually only half a 250 microgram at a time as a whole tab wipes me out until after lunch the next day.

  • Oh also take 10mg Loratidine for hay fever. Really hate taking any meds as one cures a probl but tends to cause another. I do also have arthritis, apparently, in my neck so it's a bit stiff.

  • Hi jay well all I can tell you is when I was on Requip to high a dose my head used to nod I know it sounds silly but that's what happened ,when I asked the doc he said I can't do nothing about that and when I read the side affects that was one of them ,I came of those tabs and it stopped good luck

  • Thanks beady3. I'll see if I can keep a diary of when it happens as that may show a cause.

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