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For a while now I have fel relatively ok. Pain in the evening and early mornings but bearable then two night ago the pain increased. I decided to hav a Zapain, just one. After all what harm could it do? Then yesterday I was wiped out all day and could not stay awake. I fought and fought then succumbed to bed at 10.00. At 1.00 I was awake with my legs all over the place. I tried pacing on the cold floor but nothing helped. Finally about 3 my partner left me to it with a duvet over me on the floor. Today I still feel spaced but less so. My worst night ever!

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  • I too had an awful night...wondering now if rls is lunar connected?...what if rls was one of the signs and symptoms exhibited by the aptly named lunatics?!...I'm not brill on my pre-Victorian history

  • Yesterday evening I had chips and steak with veg. I had one beer only, plus a tonic water, a bag of crisps and lots of water before bedtime. I had a shower before bed and made sure it was hot on my legs. There is a natural relaxation affect on the body 90 mins after a hot shower. I had a good night for a change. I also took a vitamin B12 tablet and a Magnesium tablet before bed. Absent was spicy food / chocolate / too much alcohol. Maybe the above is (part of) the way to go ?! Hope it helps....... This said, the nature of the condition is such that I could do exactly the same again tonight and have a bad night ! ..... but we try anything right !

  • Sulphites in the beer would do it.

  • The alcohol will do it. it blocks the dopamine receptors in our brains after a couple of hours. After that nothing may work for a few hrs.

  • Thanks very much!

  • I am sorry to hear you are so sceptical.

    it is impossible you have looked at all the cures on the Internet as there are new ones coming on continually

    I have not asked anybody for money and I'm prepared to help people as much as possible.

    All I see on the suggestions are drugs and which I am very much against if there is any possibility of an alternative

    Tests show that people who take any drugs are 40% more likely to get Alzheimer's and also the drugs pass through the liver and a high percentage of people end up needing liver transplant if they live long enough

  • I have studied pharmacology, too. it is decades on the internet and talking to people who "ALL have the answer" that makes me skeptical, and that is not going to change.

  • The first simple thing I would suggest is people in bed and in the chair they sit in move electrical items and wires as far away as practical this I have tried and has helped me greatly and I have never heard this mentioned on any other suggestions

  • Believe me, have heard of it, and it has been mentioned here, as well as many other groups. And, then we have the people who want have the grounded wires around them. To each his own. You have been on this group for less than a month and you could not have read all the posts by now, in fact none of us have read ALL the posts. BUT, there are many many "non drug" remedy posts, tons of them.

  • People post on here their alternative to what they have found which helps them.. I am sorry you are very much against drugs, but spiritual healing is not going to work and thats my opinion.

  • Derrick,

    Regarding your fourth paragraph in your posting above, not all the suggestions to help others with their RLS are drug orientated on this forum so that is a rather sweeping statement. Not everyone on the forum is on a drug for RLS.

    You mention "it is impossible you have looked at all the cures on the Internet ...."

    There is no cure for RLS.

  • Over the last few years, I have spent several months living off grid with NO electricity/electrical devices and still experienced RLS at exactly the same intensity. I am not saying it would not work for someone but I think the suggestion of removing wires and electrical devices - while fashionable and possibly superficially attractive - may well cause undue inconvenience for little benefit.

    All suggestions are welcome of course but bear in mind that this is a severely debilitating and difficult to treat condition which induces awful hopelessness and despair. It is not quite fair to throw out completely unproven theories.

    It is also harsh to infer that those who resort to drug treatment do so because they are looking for a quick fix or an easy way out. It seems to me from extensive reading of this and other forums (fora?) and most of the medical and alternative medicine literature, that it is extremely rare for an RLS sufferer to embark on the treatment drugs without considerable trepidation. Most are taking drugs extremely reluctantly, having tried many other less dramatic alternatives, and because the drugs afford the only possibility of a chance at a normal life.

  • I sometimes have to take a zapain (on top of 2mg of Roppinirole), to help with my RLS and find they really help, luckily with none of the side effects you mention.

  • Thanks. It's odd because I have had a Zapain with no problem before. My doc has now increased the Gabapentin and I slept like a log last night. I hope this continues!

  • In the beginning the gabapentin was magical. also the cyclobenzaprene. but later on........well you know.

  • The Gabapentin is great! However the doc has said tat I could gradually go to 2700 and I know that isetting a bit high. We shall see!

  • I know it is a bit odd to reply to your own post but I thought I would just mention that I have very little recollection of the above. My wife (don't know why I wrote partner) has confirmed it all. It seems that not only was it awful, it affected my memory!

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