DVT meds a cause ?

Hi everbody I have experienced RLS in the past occasionally when over tired or on a plane (the latter being such a nuisance !), but recently it has affected me most nights causing me to get up and walk around up to 10 times, which as you all know leads to a bad nights sleep. I have led a normal life with curries and beers (.....well that is pretty normal to me !) and RLS has not previously been such a problem. By the way I am 56. What may have changed things is that 4 months ago I suddenly had deep vein thrombosis (DVT) in my leg with a blood clot travelling to my heart and damaging my lung en route ! So for 4 months I have been on meds every day for blood thinning (Xarelto / Rivaroxaban) and I continue with my usual blood pressure tablets which I have been on for a few years. I should add that I am in Thailand where MSG can be a problem from street food traders and in restaurants so I do my best to avoid it. I am now wondering if my prelonged use of the meds or any changes to my body following the Pulminary Embolism, have caused a very significant increase in the incidence of my suffering RLS. I only seem to experience it from around 1 - 8 am. Three nights ago I drank 3 cans of tonic water and had no problems. Quinine or co-incidence ? Any help appreciated and I hope it helps others too. I find that alcohol can worsen it as can snacks such as crisps / chips. I once read that the prime cause of RLS is too much salt - Any thoughts folks ? What a rotten condition it is ....but what a great group this is - we are clearly not alone !

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  • I have no idea on whether your meds have been a trigger for your RLS. Beyond my knowledge. If no one replies to you who may know on the forum then a good place to get an answer is to email the doctor on this website who is one of the best RLS experts i know of. rlshelp.org

  • Many thanks Elisse.

  • Hi Summer, In my case salt is definitely not the problem. I rarely use it in cooking and never add it to meals. Often companions will complain about lack of salt but I'm not aware of it.

  • Hi I have suffered from RLS since aged about 10 and I am now 71 I have found many ways to subdue it at times and habe days without RLS which are a blessing and I may be able to help you you can phone me on +447737120230

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