Restless Legs Syndrome
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RLS in my body

Was looking up symptoms & found this. For about a year now, I have been having issues with what I thought was RLS. However, it is throughout my body. It usually starts in the evening while I'm sitting on my laptop or watching TV and even after go to bed. It feels like my entire body is jittery & sometimes like it's hard to breathe. I've actually had to go outside to get air. Never said anything to the doctor because I thought I was just crazy. Is it body RLS, my body just shutting down each day, or something more serious?

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Hi, mikepopkins, people do get all over RLS and in the body. I dont know what it feels like, as so far it hasnt happened to me. The hard to breathe bit, i dont know, it could be from you being anxious from the feelings in your body.

Do you have the usual urge to move with your legs and does it keep you awake and you have to get up and pace to get relief, in other words do you have the criteria for RLS. Are you taking any meds for anything else, OTC ones or prescription ones.


Hi, I get RLS in my legs and arms. Sometimes when the feeling in my arms is building up I do get the sensation of tightness in my chest, so this could be connected with your RLS too.


Mike, Elisse's question about any prescriptions or over-the-counter meds you might be on is very important. There's a long list of drugs that will trigger this, statins (cholesterol meds) in particular. Also allergy/cold stuff with antihistamines will do the same. It sounds like RLS just because it acts up in the evenings.


Hi and welcome ,if google RLS-Uk diagnostic criteria there is some info on there which will help you to decide if it is RLS .The breathing problem is not part of RLS but could be as Elisse says anxiety, However you need to get that checked out with a doctor.Some people do get RLS in other body parts apart from legs


Oh my dear Mikepopkins... I think that you have described a panic attack to the "T".

You would have to check with your doctor to make sure, but you have described

it just so. Good News... there is medicine that can calm it down and it will allow for

you to not go outside to get your air.. you will feel relatively normal 24/7...

What happens is this: You have the normal amount of serotonin in your body

but your receptors are not taking it in to make serotonin useful to your body

as it does in other people. The medication Paxil/ Paroxetine helps the receptors

to make the serotonin useful to your body again and in turn, no more panic attacks.

Many people have this problem. Pilots, teachers, even doctors suffer from it when

the receptors are not working properly. Many take the medication for life...

One little issue, while Paxil/ Paroxetine is a life changing pill, many never suffer

another attack after taking for the first 5 weeks, it does aggravate RLS for some

people. It was the prime aggravation for my RLS so a light narcotic was prescribed

with it for sleeping, evening use. It worked like a charm. I hated taking extra

medicines but I felt that I had no choice. I was suffering - needing to run outside

to get fresh air and always felt that little panic, sometimes full blown feeling like

I was going to pass out or die. Getting outside was the only way to push that

awful feeling away. I dealt with it.. Paxil changed my life completely..

IF this turns out to be your medical issue, PM me.. I will be happy to help.

Good luck and please don't suffer too long. The medicine takes 5-8 weeks

to work.. there is another medicine usually prescribed for instant relief of

panic attacks during that wait period..


Mike, it sounds like RLS and maybe anxiety related too with the breathing issue. I know my significant other has RLS and he feels it all over his body and he's so jittery and it strikes the same times you talk about. But to make sure it's nothing else.. you should get everything checked out by a doctor first.


for the love of God tell your Dr. ASAP


Call and make an appointment to describe what happens to you in detail.

It's the only way to make the correct diagnosis. Don't leave anything out

that you told us but think of ALL of your symptoms. You will get an answer.


RLS. is involuntarily jumping/jerking of the legs and or arms. only standing up and moving on the spot or

walking around will give you any peace!!!! I often have to watch TV standing up and marching on the spot.

My doctor prescribed POPIOROLE, very good.

I also take a CO CODAMOL at night with my ROPINOROLE and I get some sleep.

Good luck


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