A thankless job :)

A thankless job :)

I would just like to commend the admins here, especially Kaarina, since she is really the only active one, for taking on this job for this group. It is a huge amount of people, and it is huge task for one person to deal with. Daragh is the chair and he is very busy raising awareness and working on other RLS-UK Foundation things, so that is as appreciated. I feel like they do not get enough thanks, since managing a group like this is usually a thankless job, and people just do not realize how much work goes on behind the scenes to keep a large group like this running smoothly. So, I for one, would like to thank both of them for their hard work. They should be treated with respect for all that they do. :)

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  • Thank you, nightdancer. :)

    I really wish there was no need for the forum but there most definitely is, unfortunately. It is re-assuring to know that we can post here and receive help, support and advice from others in the same boat.

  • You rock. πŸ’—πŸ€“πŸ€“πŸŒ·πŸŒ·πŸŒ·

  • Thank you xx

  • Here here, well said. Definitely a thankless task so I agree we should show our appreciation.

    Thank you.xxx

  • Well said Nightdancer, and Kaarina we know how hard you work on here for us all. So, BIG thanks to you. x

  • Hear, hear nightdancer! Thank you indeed to Kaarina & all those helping keep this fantastic site up and running.

    Jools x

  • I really appreciate this forum we have friends and Nolage thank you all

  • I agree thankyou to Kaarina and Daragh for all there hard work on behalf of us all and we must remember they are both volunteers x

  • Well said. Great to have a good team at the back of everything.

  • Wonderful moderators. A well run forum like this takes a lot of work. I am so appreciative. Thank you

  • I thought for a minute that this was going to be a thread on parenting :)

    Thanks to all that help spread the word and bring relief to us poor suffering souls. Your precious time and energy is much appreciated. I know my life is immensely better for having found here.

  • I would like to thank Kaarina,very much for all she does ,she is always there for all of us ,but would like to thank you also nightdancer as you seem to do quite a lot to ,so a big thankyou to all that keep this foundation going specially as there are more and more coming on site lately πŸ˜‡

  • awwwww, thanks! :)

  • Very well said Nightdancer! I remember in the early days when I was pacing every night and came upon this forum. It was the start of understanding my RLS. Long may it continue. Well done and thank you to Admin. Also thanks to everyone else on here for all your input.

  • Well said Nightdancer. I am so very grateful for this forum and to the people who volunteer their time and their vision to make it happen.

  • 27April I always read the comments of Kaarina and Nightdancer with great interest .They are voices of reason in the wilderness,so thank you both Here's to more knowledge in the future.

  • Yes, Thank you for all that you do for us on this site. It is quite useful to all of us to have a place where we can discuss things and find information. Thank You!

  • Thank you Karina for all your good work and everyone involved in the admin, very much appreciated. Xx

  • A huge thank you from Spokane WA


  • Ditto for me . I've only joined this past year and it's been so heartwarming to find how everyone cares so much about helping each other.

  • I totally agree.Thanks soooo much.x

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