Weight gain and RSL

I developed RLS whilst preg with my 5th child and both my legs , arms and hands would go day or night. After I had him it went to just legs .. now it's back to arms and hands. Someone suggested lyrica withdrawal but I stopped that a few months ago and it's just started back in my hands .. what helps everyone get a good nights sleep ? I am currently on many medications which include panadeine forte x 4 daily ..

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  • Hi Sorcha,

    You say that you are currently on many medications. Do you think perhaps you may be on a medication that is aggravating your RLS? There is a list of some of the medications to avoid on rls-uk.org/treatment/

  • Thank you .. I am learning so much on this forum . I haven't been told much about the condition or treatments just that I have it and it's prob not going to go away but is manageable through medications such as codiene , Valium and lyrica

  • Sorcha, there is the RLS-UK website you can take a look at as well. rls-uk.org Are you in the UK?

  • No I am in Australia . I tried to look at the link and it didn't work .. will try again though . It's just great knowing I am not alone in this to be honest ..

  • If you check your other post I've replied regarding the Phenergan you are taking which is likely the source of your woes.

  • Well-----with 5 kids , stress is certainly not a factor😨

    So perhaps look at triggers- food or other meds- as Raffs has pointed out with the Phenergen.

    Keeping a food diary can be very useful in pointing out causalities. Fizzy drinks , alcohol , high salt foods , colourings and so on.

    Good luck.

  • Hi Sorcha

    I read that you developed RLS when pregnant. I appreciate you must be really busy but I wondered if you might be able to find the time to complete an RLS-UK online survey on Pregnancy and RLS . The survey is anonymous.


    The purpose of the survey is to gather information from women suffering from RLS during pregnancy (current or past pregnancies) that will help shape an intervention to reduce symptoms and improve quality of life during and after pregnancy.

    To date, 157 replies have been received but more are needed.

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