Hayfever help please!

Sorry if this post gets duplicated. I kept getting a blank page when trying to upload on my mobile. So trying here on a desktop..

Could someone recommend the best or a list of the better tabs that I can take for my allergy/hayfever. I know benedryl isn't good so I will avoid that one but there must be a few that seem to not affect RLS that much or perhaps no or little symptoms.

My nose is streaming and I am getting desperate for some sort of relief.

Thanks in advance.

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  • Just to say - I'm in the uk so some USA remedies might not be available here. If uk people could respond that would be great.

  • Wow, I was worried about you. Has your RLS improved any?

  • Hi Tred, yes ! I've been on ferrous iron tabs - high strength ones for around 10 days now and I have NOT had 1 attack!!! It's amazing. Loads more energy too!

  • Oy I was so worried. Not to make u feel guilty or anything 😩 I've become my grandmother. Well you've made me a happy grandmother. Be well always.

  • Did u also wean off the anti-d.

  • Spoke to doc. He was the one that gave me the iron tabs. I said I want to come off these anti deps. As I am on the lowest dose he said to just stop taking - full stop! So it's been about 10 days (like the iron). I've had no side effects yet. I know I may get something. But I have had codeine addiction and weaned off that and put up with the side effects. So in agreement (doc said hey you managed to get off codeine) so I thought I'll go for it.

    I realise it will be weeks before things kick in. But I'm going for it.

    I'm in a different place now to when I went on them.

    I have a pack in my cupboard just in case I fail.

  • Wait wait what kind of iron r u taking? If there is another kind that provides immediate relief we must know about it.

  • Ferrous fumerate 210mg tabs

    Docs said twice a day

    The ones you mentioned was a minuscule dose. So I think I just needed the heavy duty stuff as I have low iron anaemia.

  • Not constipated really either. Some stools a little difficult but otherwise it's totally fine.

  • Hey who am I to argue with success. Just keep swimming Yuna you'll do great. Now get out there and have some fun.

  • I know there are two- I think Claritin is one of them. But your pharmacist should know.

    Or check on rls-uk.org.

  • Yes- Allegra , Zyrtec or Claritin can be tried.

  • I heard allegra is ok

  • Hi Yuna I take Loratidine which works for me with no side effects. I am in the UK. Good luck.

  • I use Allegra with no problem

  • I can't seem to find a uk website that sells allegra..

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