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Restless Legs Syndrome
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Biological injections

Hi, Iam new to this site. Iam on a biological drug called 'simponi' (golimumab). I have psoriatic arthritis. This is my second biological drug that I have been on, so far they have both not

been able to help me. I have been on simponi for 12 weeks. I only get relief when I take 2 high strength paracetamol plus high ibbrufin. I try and only take these twice a day. My sleeping isn't any good also. I will not take any more drugs due to side effects in later life. Iam now 64. Due to see the biological nurse very soon . Any one in the same situation as myself , like to hear from you.


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Hi and welcome. Do you have restless legs syndrome? .You don't mention RLS in your post. Autoimmune arthritis is a terrible condition my daughter has it. I hope that you find something to help you



Hi Pippins 2. Yes I did have a touch of RLS. Not any more. I used to hang my left leg out of the bed & forever stretching them. Not sure if it was RLS. Seen my bio specialist today said need to do another different biological drug for my psoriatic arthritis. Well another 12 weeks to see if this one does anything for me.


I have a nephew with this problem, it is now clear, no sores and no pain he's doing RSO! As long as he uses it he is clear, smoking cannibus though seems to feed it CBD's are great medicine!


There is a lot of evidence, those most doctors ignore it, that PA is caused by diet. Here is a site that uses this approach, and a patient that improved markedly by changing diet. That should also improve RLS if that is bothering you:



Hi Tom137. Will definitely look into this site. Thanks. I am aware about certain food not to eat.


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