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Restless Legs Syndrome
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Nothing Works Anymore

So after trying all the usual suspects (requip, miraplex, oxycodone, tramadol, gabapentin, I am now having panic and anxiety attacks probably due to lack of sleep.

I am located in USA and after having to call for ambulance to take me to ER the other night, my GP had me go straight to neurologist office. He said I was in a full blown panic attack and prescribed clonazepam .5 mg two per day as needed. I took one and began to feel drowsy but was only able to sleep about a half hour.

So after reading about magnesium, I purchased online some magnesium oil and bath flakes. I am also making appointment for massage. We will see if these help. Note: living in USA I have to pay for most of this out of pocket since I am on Medicare and it sucks.

Since I was not quite prepared for the emergency neurologist appointment, when I see him in 2 weeks and hope to discuss iron levels and hope that he has some information for me on that. My GP does not want me taking too much iron. I will keep you all updated.

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Welcome- I find it hard to understand how some of those medications did not work for you.

You have run the full gamut of what's available.

Could you flesh out your actual timeline of use of those medications - that would be a great help in understanding your situation.

Checking the iron route is a good strategy - it's the serum ferritin number you're looking for. It needs to be over 100 to be effective. But ferritin isn't the whole story.

Come back with more info.



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