Restless Legs Syndrome

Disappointed with program rls

I have suffered with rls for about 12 yes now, at 57 I have fm, athritis,and just had total knee replacement in right leg, but it would have been good for some Dr's or consultants explaining more about rls, and their different methods of pain relief,like the man in program I don't sleep all night but when it's day light I want to sleep..when you talk about rls people look at you as if your stupid, or is that just me that thinks this.

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I am also very disappointed with the programme - very little about causes, nothing about ways of managing it, except for self harming, too much repetitive dramatisation of the lives of just 3 people.

Perhaps it will be useful in that more people will know about it now but for those who have been coping for years, nothing useful at all.


hi there, i was not impressed with th program either where were the doctors , and what medecation is available ,there must be more than three people who suffer,how many more times did we have to see someone hurting their feet??.who could help would have been better t.v


Please, Please, Please, do yourself the most health transforming favour and do the following: 1. Start in depth research on the effects of not having sufficient vitamin B12 in your body. 2. Check out the following websites about B12 deficiency

I have severe primary painful RLS, it is controlled by Targinact and Lyrica (Pregabalin) . Recently I was diagnosed with B12 deficiency by Dr.Chandy. I am now self injecting B12. Prior to my starting my self injecting of B12, my previously controlled RLS broke through all of my medications with dreadful effect. The pain was back but worse than ever. Once I started the B12 injections it went away again. It is Dr.Chandy's opinion that a lack of B12 can cause neurologic problems (this is proven) and therefore can more often be the cause of RLS. I am now hopeful that once I get my B12 levels regularised and stable I will be able to reduce the opioid medication eventually to zero and also the Pregabalin. why not take the first step in hopefully rescuing your health by doing this research? You have absolutely NOTHING TO LOSE and EVERYTHING TO GAIN. I wish you all well. x

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