My way of avoiding the pain of RLS

My way of avoiding the pain of RLS

I have suffered with restless leg syndrome with a number of years, I get the pins and needles, the crawling sensation and the potential to cramp up, however before the cramp can arrive I stand facing the wall, put my hands on the wall and put the suffering leg stretched behind me with my heel down on the floor. The point is to stretch the calf as much as I can, this sometimes has to be repeated however I have found this to be successful. Hope this works for others.

Good luck

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  • Try bar of soap under the sheet in your bed. Helped my husband. He didn't know the soap was there so not a placebo.

  • Hi Terri2033,

    I've recently started stretching after my afternoon constitutionals. Yesterday I mowed the lawn in addition to the walk and forgot to do the stretches. No cramping legs, but masses in thumb and finger muscles. Couldn't hold a TV remote without fingers cramping.

    I expect it's because my body is largely used as an umbrella - useful in certain situations, like getting around, but ignored otherwise.

  • I use this as part of the stretch routine I use when Rls doesn't respond to meds. It is only moderately successful for rls bit it is very good to get rid of crank and obviously very beneficial generally to the knees to stretch the calves

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