Restless Legs Syndrome
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Sensory Neuropathy

Having been diagnosed with this title 2 years ago and not R.L.S i am still no farther forward in obtaining relief on a daily basis. Having tried numerous medications prescribed by my Doctor the discomfort i am experiencing affects my quality of life. I am a 67 male fairly fit exercise 3 times a week with no other medical conditions apart from High Blood Pressure which is controlled by 1x Losarten tablet per day.

My symptoms can only be described as burning, itchy, sensitive ,feeling like stepping on bubble wrap continuously. Numbness on the soles of the feet and toes affecting the lower leg ankle calves and soles of feet. Left leg more severe than right.Wearing of socks shoes and any other clothing around that area makes the symptoms worse.

Slight relief can be obtained by wearing shorts and flipflops but in colder weather this is not practical.

I will be interested in the channel 5 programme tonight to learn more.

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Hi buzzrt,

You may like to visit the RLS-UK website to find out more about RLS

Many people living with RLS are misdiagnosed or not diagnosed at all. There is often confusion about what the symtoms of RLS are and/or whether a person has these symptoms. Use the symptom checker to see if you might have RLS. This link may be of some help to you?

I too along with you and many other other sufferers are waiting patiently for this documentary to begin at 20.00 hours. :)


Yes me too thanks for your input.


As added info to post. A nerve conductive test was carried out and diagnosis by a specialist resulted in the named issue being called Sensory neuropathy not RLS. the symptoms for RLS are very similar. Still non the wiser.

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Hi again

There is an old posting of four years ago on this forum entitled "Sensory Neuropathy Causing RLS and a Multitude of Symptoms"

If you would like to view this posting copy and paste the title into the search box and with luck it will bring it up for you.

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Hi I have been told I have both. It was the neuropathy that caught my eye. The RLS feels different and more intense I am on "Acupan" and I think it helps a little. It will be interesting to hear how others cope. Good wishes Cathryn


Interestingly I have small fibre neuropathy found by a nerve conduction test but also RLS. A double whammy! My neurologist was puzzled why I had pain that would not go away when I walked and now we know.


The Losarten MAY BE your culprit:


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