Hi all

just an update had tests etc on kidneys today got to wait to see doctor for results.As for my well being i,ve come out of that dark tunnel and feel good the pregabalin plus codiene phosphate are working better than i could of imagined and getting SLEEP i seem to have one really good night than a few not so good but not climbing walls which i am more than happy with not sure how long it will last but ill take it whilst its here and feel its only fair after all the hard work in the weeks after coming off premopixole with the help of you good people on here so many thanks once again x

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  • Fantastic news Nick. Really pleased to hear things are a bit better. Long may it continue.👍

  • thank you fingers crossed

  • just read the post by Ger59 i was where he is now and hope he takes advice given by people on here and i,m proof if he does he will come out the dark place he is in

  • Aww Nick so pleased that things are improving for you. You had us worried there for a bit! Glad you are getting some sleep it makes everything seem better. Long may it last

    Pipps x

  • your support to me on here seen me through the dark tunnel i will take each day/night as they come and know how lucky i an to be getting sleep/rest [ wow that sounds good ]

  • Hi Nick

    So good to read your posting and that you are now out of the tunnel and had some quality SLEEP. Live in the "now" Nick and take each day as it arrives. So happy for you and your family must be breathing a sign of relief too. You are a star and an inspiration to others.

    Big group hug. :)

  • you good people on here are the stars for your BIG support a real group result. x

  • I hope you day goes well, Nick. Please continue to let us know how you are going on. :)

  • Hi Nick, see i told you one day soon i would read a positive post from you. :) I am happy to hear you are getting some good sleep now. You will find you will still get some bad night, but i hope that will sort its self out. Enjoy those good nights when you sleep. Good to hear from you. x

  • have you and others to thank for your BIG support if i could thank you all in person i would keep the good work going you are all stars

  • Great news Nick .Pregabalin and Tramadol have been the life savers for me. Lets hope it continues. xx

  • thank you i will take each day/night as they come and be thankful for the good ones

  • That's made my day Nick. So pleased for you,


  • thank you and for your support during those dark moments

  • Was wondering how you were getting on - reading about how much better you are doing has made my day. Well done.

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