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Restless Legs Syndrome
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Hi all

Life is still good, i have bad days but few and far between can,t really put into words how good i feel after coming off pramipexole but its been one of my better moves in life.I do read all post and feel for some people and only wish i had a magic wand and could make this curse go away from you all, but like so many of you explained to me when i was suffering badly that not all meds work the same from person to person think i,m just lucky enough that my doctor has struck gold with the meds i,m on now which at the start i told her that i will be back with another failure to add to my list of meds and [ YES i have been back with an apology ].Hope you don,t mind me popping up now and again to give a report and say hello but like i said i do read post and still think of you all and the GREAT HELP i received from some great people on here regards to you all

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What combination of meds has helped you?


I think Nick is taking Pregabelin and Codine Phosphate, not sure of dosage though

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pregabelin and codeine phosphate mantel is spot on


Good to hear from you and good to hear things are going well - long may it last.

Take care.


Yay Nick. Great to hear from you & that you are doing so well.



Hi Nick, as alwasy good to hear you are still doing well, or as well as you can when suffering with this horrible disease. Pop on here when ever you want too, reading your success gives other members on here going through augmentation great hope. :)


Great to hear things still going well for you and you are happy with your current regime.


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