Hi all

Hi all

I am new here and really struggling with the effects of RLS. I'm thinking of trying copper bracelets. Has anyone else tried them at all ?

I tried a magnetic bracket but that was horrendous I felt my symptoms had tripled. Any ideas as I am so exhausted and down about it all.

I am taking Gabapentin (sorry about the spelling) at the moment but new to it so no effect so far.

thanks all sharon

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  • Hi Sharon sorry you're struggling hope you get you're meds sorted.Ive tried the bracelets and they do not work.

    Regards Blokie

  • I'm only on a low dose at the mo. Thank you for the heads up on the bracelet

  • HiChuddly71, Welcome to the forum! We all understand the exhaustion and low mood that RLS can bring and we will try almost anything to get some relief . However the copper bracelets have been tried by many and very few seem to get a good result from them.At a recent RLS-UK annual general meeting someone asked one of the experts there for an opinion on them.He said to gain any benefits the copper would have to be ingested and even then the amount would be too tiny to help . Sometimes members say they felt a benefit but if they only have RLS occasionally any improvements cant be assigned to the bracelets.I always say give us your verdict in 3 months time .As we always say if it works for you thats great but I tried someone elses and they made no difference .

    I didnt gain any benefit from gabapentin either but some sufferers do.There are lots of meds available to treat RLS but so far no cure.

    First of all I would check you are not taking any meds which are known in the vast majority of cases to make RLS worse.These are mainly but not only antidepressants, antihistamines and anti sickness meds.

    Apart from the anti convulsants like gabapentin and pregablin there are dopamine agonists and painkillers that help many.Go to the RLS-UK website for details or try

    rlshelp.org both great sites.The latter is an American site so some of the meds may have different names.

    Go and see your GP most dont know much about RLS so if necessary print off some info.

    Good luck ...pipps

  • Thank you so much for the advice. I will look it all up.

  • Sharon, cant stress enough to look at everything that you are taking. Not only those listed above but also calcium channel blockers, diuretic, melatonin, benedryl, Tagamet, zantac and possibly hormone replacement may be making RLS worse.

    Copper is a much needed trace mineral. Just a little dab will do you. So if you're really curious I would try just taking a copper supplement as described above. I have taken copper on occasion just because I take a zinc supplement and you want the two to be in balance. Zinc is calming and copper more stimulating so I would not take too close to bedtime. Some people have reported relief with bananas or cream of tartar (no more than half a teaspoon) for their RLS, because of their high potassium content. Some have reported relief with iron - preferably on an empty stomach taken with vitamin c before bed.

    What is a magnetic bracket and how do you use it? Anything that makes RLS worse is a clue to understanding it so you have some very important information there. Please share. Take good care!

  • To the meds list, I'd like to add cholesterol meds- statins. Since the drug companies are so very determined to get everyone on this stuff, I post about it all the time. RLS is a side effect and they do much more damage than just RLS. And NO, you won't die if you don't take them, in spite of what your doctor may say!

  • Hi Sharon...I tried the bracelets with no success. I always say that if it is not going to do any harm and if you can afford it ...try anything. What doesn't work for one might work for another. My bracelets are just sitting in a drawer so if you pm me your address, I will send them to you x x

  • Dopamine agonists such as Pramipexole are often effective, at least for some years then some talk of augmentation. Also very unpleasant withdrawal if you stop taking them. Search DAWS on this website for details of DAWS.

  • Dear Sharon,

    I have discovered something very interesting and that is that intestinal parasites can cause restless leg symptoms. They produce toxins which can affect the nervous system. There is information about this to be found on the internet. They are notoriously difficult to detect by normal stool tests, although nowadays there are DNA tests that are very accurate but not available on the N.H.S. I tried it - it works! It might be worthwhile to buy some Vermox tablets to get rid of parasites. You can order these on the internet. A course of treatment consists of three packs of six tablets which are taken twice daily for 3 days with a week's break in between each pack. This kind of tablet gets rid of some common types of parasites, but not all, so if you have the money it is worth investing in the DNA test which detects all types. This company does it. invivoclinical.co.uk

    You could then get specific treatment from your doctor or other specialist. Sure beats the medicines and side effects many suffer from. There's nothing to lose by trying it. It seems not many people know about this. I have also found magnesium spray rubbed into the legs and tummy to be very helpful as this relaxes the muscles and helps me to sleep. I hope you find your own solutions.

  • MrsSag, very fascinating. The world of the very small, I'm with you. But don't stop there. What about viruses and bacteria? And what about the make-up of our own personal zoos? People on here and else where have reported relief from RLS while on antibiotics and for a short while there after. There's something to all this. About 15 years ago I read an article about a doctor/scientist who swore some day we would find a bacterial origin to EVERY single disease out there, not including injuries. About a year ago I read how certain gut bacteria contribute to heart disease. Never would have dreamed of that.

    If you think you are in charge of your own destiny, think again. :) My personal favorite for getting your gut in order is zinc carnosine. I take twice the recommended dose but below the level where it starts to interfere with the body's delicate balance with copper. The recommended dose did not seem to help?

    Keep us posted.

  • I also tried the bracelets did't work for me!

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