7 days in

So 7 days ago I started my medication. No side affects so far but still early days. I haven't weight gained, that's a lie I put 1/2 a pound on since last week. (Slimmingworld). I am more awake during the day and don't seem tired. Spoke to my partner who says I'm not thrashing out at night and able to get a good sleep too. I have decided to hold off on the extra iron tablets until 1 month has passed (tredlight). Because then it's well and truly in my system. I increase my dose to 2 tabs from 22nd so be interesting to see what happens. I then see my consultant on the 4th April to discuss what happens next. So I will let you all know what they say. For all your info I went to the sleeps centre at east grinstead hospital

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  • Great news!

    If you are getting adequate and good control with your current dose- why would you increase it?

    The whole point is just to get as little as you need to do the job. Taking more than you require will just bring on augmentation all the sooner.

    All the best.

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