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3/3/17 a surgeon read my MRI & said that my Insurance(Medicaid) won't cover it because my disc desease isnt bad enough yet & suggested to talk to my Dr about some RLS meds , I take 600mg of Gabapentin & 10mg of Baclofen at bedtime ... I have 2 herniated disc in lower back & pinched nerve + other stuff :( but my feet numbness & cramping in feet calves & hamstrings but that meds help...I can sleep I have more stiffnes & soreness than twitching...not sure if I have RLS or not :/ but I'm over weight from constapation...If I lose my tummy weight will I get better ? Last job I drove a Taxi for 3 years & gained it then ... okay I'm waiting for an answer ... TTYLs ... & hope everyone gets better soon :)

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  • Hi numbness is not a symptom of RLS.Do you have the urge to move your legs? Do you have to keep getting up and walk about? The urge to move is the "must have" for a RLS diagnosis.From what you have said it sounds more like a spinal problem .The forum Pain Concern may be more helpful to you


  • You are right Pippins2 I have 2 herniated disc in my lower lumbar but went to see a Dr on the 3rd of March to read my MRI & said I would have to get worse for my Medicaid to do surgery on me ... I need better Insurance ... but no I don't have to walk around , but laying on my back or sitting still like in a barber chair my feet go numb n want to cramp up...ty for the info :)

  • Ok then I think we can safely say that it is not restless legs. I hope that you are able to get some relief from the problems that you are facing. ,

    Pipps x

  • Thanks Pippins & same to you :)

  • I'm so sorry to hear about your Medicaid. We're so lucky in the Uk to have the National Health Service. There are attempts to privatise it but we must fight to retain it as a public service .

    You sound as if life must be very uncomfortable for you. I hope things improve.

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