Pramipexole supply not available ... terrified

Came to collect script for Pramipexole today to be told there is a supply problem and they cannot get it. Have tried everywhere. Have severe RLS and without it whole body affected all day .. ending up with severe pain muscular spasms in my legs which mean my legs just collapse ... only have 5 days supply left ... terrified as to what will happen if still cannot get the drug. Anyone know of an alternative drug that will be immediately effective?? Been taking this drug for 10 years. My GP knows zero about RLS

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  • That seems quite extraordinary! Mirapex is used mainly for Parkinsons and I just cannot imagine it not being available.

    What country are you in. Maybe this is a NHS issue rather than a manufactyre supply one??

    Do other pharmacies have supply.?

    Otherwise get to your Dr ASAP and explain that you will be suicidal if you do not get proper medication. ( Of course- I am in no way advising such a course of action- but if you were to do this , he would be obliged to prescribe something effective)

    If it's a shortfall of a few days , then you could look at Kratom or codeine medications or try that Fer Glycinate/ gentle iron that people are on about here.

    All the best.

  • Thanks ...just been onto surgery .. appt later .. This was Boots I tries but they have tried all other pharmacies in the area ... I'm not holding my breath .. I have a friend in Spain who says they have no issue with supply ...

  • I remember this happened with ropinirole about 14 months ago. The supply problem lasted about 6 weeks.It is worrying but, maybe ask why you have RLS affecting your whole body all day. When you first started pramipexole, did you have RLS in your whole body or was it just your legs? Possible augmentation?

    You cannot stop pramipexole cold turkey though and would need something else in the meantime. Do what Madlegs suggests- your doctor will need to give you something else like tramadol or an opioid.

    Thinking of you,


  • No I had it just in my legs though it was pretty bad ... seems to run in the female line of the family .. but I notice that if I am late with meds I run into serious trouble very quickly indeed ...... Many thanks for advice. No one ever checks my meds and the GP has little idea about RLS .. or zero interest .. I've not really quesitoned it toll now as its been under control ...

  • I have just phoned my doctor's to request some more Pramipexole and then wait for it to go to my Chemist for them to deliver it. So, i am fingers crossed, eyes crossed, legs crossed i get mine. I am not desperate yet for them.

  • This is happening across the board with many drugs personally shortage of MST (slow relief morphine)for pain testosterone booster injections for chronic fatigue and steroid ear drops for a nasty ear infection. All unavailable. The shocking thing is this is actually happening with drugs in hospital pharmacies as well with patients being advised to try and find drugs in high street outlets!

    Is this big pharma playing games? Looking to up prices? Making us get prescriptions via internet or part of NHS privatisation process? Whatever, it's worrying and becoming more of a problem.

    I am new to this page and the fibro page is my home group. I've had RLS for several years and prescribed 5mg of Diazipam twice daily and it's very effective. I also use magnesium oil on my legs which gives truly amazing results in ten minutes.

    Even if your DR is not clued up on RLS ahead will have an official Meds book called the BMF, British Medical Formula. This lists all possible drugs that can be prescribed and the alternatives should one option not be available. So you should be ok.

    Personally I have built a small back up of drugs, not much, but you can officially put your prescription in two weeks earlier than the due date. If you routinely do this you can gain a small back up. Personally I think we should all have a months back up supply of key drugs.

    Hope you get sorted and not worry too much

    Best wishes


  • Thanks Patrick ... scary times. I suppose it really frightened me as I am sole carer for my hubby who has dementia and if I can't function we'll be in a real mess. I'll try the magnesium oil though. and a back up supply seems like a vital strategy!

  • Why wouldn't this work? Canadian Rx. Looks like they ship anywhere.

  • Well for me who lives in the UK and gets her prescriptions free, i would not buy mine and pay to get them shipped here. So, i will hope they have mine in.

  • Hope you got the Elisse. My pharmacist was able to get some eventually from another pharmacist but cannot meet the demand for this drug for other users!

  • I only asked for them on Friday, so will be a few days before i know if i get them or not. Good to hear your got yours.

  • Hilsk, just reading through your post again, and a comment you left on another old post. can you tell us what dose of Pramipexole you are taking. ? Not how many but the actual dosage.

  • 0.125 5 a day ..

  • Had this happen to my son once with anti depressants and it was a certain strength tablet that was unavailable eg 20mg got doc to prescribe 2 x 10 mg which were available .

  • Could you take half 0.250 if they make them in that strength


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