Up again how long for this time

It is now 5am so tired just want sleep just 3hrs since I was awake, seem to be in deep sleep then feet starts next feeling as if spiders are crawling in my feet, then light Jerks. Then legs start jumping, that is my cue to get up. I do this because if I don't and my right knee jumps Badly and that is why I had so much problems new knee replacement. Sorry I am going on but so fed up now, been going on to long, and has got worse since coming of roping role. Zhaft19529.

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  • Morning Shaft, I feel your pain - I've been up since 3.30 :( its a real b1tch isn't it? What way are the drugs going, what's replaced the Ropinirole?

    Are you working? If not get the head down as soon as the RLS allows.

    Hope you get some rest soon.

  • Hi raffs at moment on pregablin 25mgs lunchtime 50mgs at tea time and 100mgs at night I am also taking codeine, I sent Dr Kirstie Anderson at neurologist who has a big interest in RLS. My GP has said see what she suggests. She gave a talk at RLS AGM last September and she was good. I feel very lucky as only waited about 6-8weeks

    Hope you are OK at present cheers shaft1952

  • Shaft were you the one who cant take tramadol..? Whats your codeine dose..? If what you are taking isnt working then you need try to get that worked out. What about Targinact which is approved for RLS by NICE.

  • Hi Elisse yes I am the ome who can't take tramadol, my codeine dose is 30 to 60ngs. But seeing neurologist on Monday so things may change shaft 1952

  • Ha i thought it was you, seems i am not completely brain dead yet to remember. :P Good luck for Monday, i hope the neuro comes up with a better med regime for you. :)

  • Hi Shaft Good luck on Monday. When she gave her talk at the AGM she came across as passionate about treatment of RLS. If anyone can sort it she can. Don't expect it will be a quick fix but bet you get there in the end. Look forward to reading your future posts.

  • Know how you feel about the knees shaft ,have had two half replacements now , makes me wonder ,if we didn't have this blasted problem would our knees have got so bad ,I know when I'm up I roll on the floor and stretch the poor old legs any way I can ,be interesting to know if many others have had knee replacements I know it's a wear and tear thing but is ours more stretch and twist ? Hope you get sorted soon good luck 😉 keep on top of it so easy to get down

  • I was heading into an evening of RLS and I lay down and did a lot of tough stretching - I have tight hamstrings, very tight, and the stretches were sore. However it did prevent the legs/body from really kicking off at that time but I was too tired to do them again later that night.

    I hope with a bit of work I can work out a routine that will help alleviate the bloody problem even if its only a bit. I was doing these sort of ones:



    hope that keeps you ticking til the neurologist (hopefully) sort you out.

  • I hope you have had some sleep since you posted the other night. Have you tried Pramipexole and codeine? It is helping me get some good nights sleep at present. Take care x

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