Good news neurologist appointment arrived

Hi all my supporter's and advisers and helpers. Well I received my appointment today to see the neurologist who does have knowledge of RLS

It will be an early start to get there. But that doesn't matter if I get some help, stopped Ropinirole completely now, but going through a very bad time. Very little sleep now for over a week. Go to bed very tired but within an hr up for up to 6+ hrs, taking its tole on me now. But thanks everyone for support and advice shaft1952

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  • Hi Shaft,

    That's brilliant that you've got off the ropinirole and are seeing a specialist neurologist soon. It'll take about 3/4 weeks to get over the effects of ropinirole and then things will start to get better.

    I really wish you some decent night's sleep soon.

    Let us know how you get on with the neurologist.


  • Hi joolsg my appointment is the 13th of Feb? I can't believe I got an appointment so quick, Wether it was the letter my GP sent I don't know, but I don't care as long as I get some medical help from someone who knows a lot about RLS. Thanks for your support and advice. Shaft1952

  • Please post what she says we can all do to control this awful awful problem. Good luck !!

  • Good luck Shaft! Who are you seeing and where? X

  • Dr Kirstie Anderson she did talk at RLS AGM in September, she was very good.

  • Yes I was at that meeting. She was excellent and very well respected in RLS. Good luck to you Shaft. Hope things get better soon.

  • One of the best x

  • She was excellent. :) So pleased, that when approached, she took up the offer to talk at the last RLS-UK AGM. Not long to wait for your appointment, Shaft. I wish you well and look forward to hearing the outcome.

  • How far are you travelling Shaft to get to Newcastle? X

  • I live in ulverston Cumbria, got to get 3 trains, leave at 05-39 get into Newcastle at 09-58, which gives me plenty of time to get there also allows for any delays. Next train didn't give me much time for any delays, it is about 100miles, but not a good road to drive, would be M6 then A66 which is not best of roads.

  • Hope your consultant neurologist can help. I saw a lovely specialist neurologist who knows about RLS had a few tests but could not find out anything to help me. Put me forward to see a vascular specialist been waiting a long time but received conformation an appointment is imminent. I have seen a lot of Doctors and I must say my GP has knowledge of RLS ( a lot of them don't know what it's about) This will be my last appointment as I have now I think, exhausted all avenues. Will let you know the outcome of my visit ASP.

  • HI there, have you seen the neurologist yet? Hope all goes well and you get some help, answers and sympathy. Take care.

  • I see neurologist on Monday will post as soon as I can what she says on this site for all to see.cheers shaft1952

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