Hi all just an update on weening of pramipoxole down now to one tablet at the lowest dose not going to lie its been bloody awful but with your good advise on here i.m in a lot better place then 2 months ago still not much sleep if any but my minds in a better place 30th of this month think meds are changing what i have discovered is that i get RLS now at different times of the day ive put it down to coming of meds HOPE IT IS,But many thanks for all your support 2 months ago in my dark days i know that they will return one day but take each day as they come now and will deal with them accordingly thanks again all

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  • Glad to hear things are moving in the right direction, long may it last.

  • 'Morning Nick

    Thank you for sharing. Your posting will give hope to others who are thinking of, beginning or going through weening off any meds they were prescribed for RLS.

    You have my admiration. You have done really well as we know it cannot of been at all easy for you. See what a difference two months has made to your life.

    As you say deal with each day as it arrives and I say try to think positive too. You are doing great. Please keep in touch and let us know how you are go on. :)

  • Hi Nick, so happy to hear you are feeling better, even tho sleep is still not so good. but you will get that sorted too. If you have too, half that last tablet still no need to rush it. It seems the last bit is the hardest bit to get off. I hope the dark days do not return. We are always here if you need us. I am sooo happy you took the plunge to get off of the pramipexole. Please let us know what meds you will be changing too, dont want you to take some thing wrong and undo all your hard work. x

  • Hi Nick I have been weaning off pramipexole for nearly 4 months - I took it very slowly. I know what you are going through but like me you will get there. I have been off the pramipexole for nearly 4 weeks and things are definitely better. I am still not totally happy with what I am taking now but have a Drs appointment this week and I am going to try and change things. I am also getting the results of blood test and ferritin levels.

    Hang on in there and my best wishes.

  • I agree with Elisse maybe drop to half a pill next .Glad you are in a better place ,,good luck you have done sooo well x

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