Restless Legs Syndrome

Cramp from toes up to Hips & fingers up to shoulders

Hi , is anyone sufffering from disgusting " Cramp"

. I get cramp regular from my toes , up the " sides of legs" , in fingers & up to the shoulders.

This is no ordanary cramp as it can last several hrs.

It feels like something is twisting the insides of my body then stiffness.

It feels (to me) the worse pain ever ( & I have my fair share of pain in my spine etc)

Doctor told me the cramp pain is coming from my neck .

I was given " Quinine Sulphrate" & it did help at first but not anymore.

Is their anyone out their that suffers this type of pain ? if so then my thoughts are with you as its the worse lingering pain ever.

Thanks & all the Best .

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I had pain in every part of my body. I swear to God my hair was nearly sore.

I was advised to go gluten free and lo and behold the pain eased, considerably. Be aware gluten is hidden in loads of foods double check the label.


Thank You for your reply & your helpful advice.

I will try the " glutten free" ( try anything that may help).

Wil glutten free help nerve damage though ? .

I can imagine the pain you went through & when you say that yr whole body was painfull ; well thats the same as myself so maybee yiur glutten free will help.

I have noticed that glutten free is more expensive

than nirmal everyday food but will give it a try

Thank You


Gluten free needn't be dearer - yeah if you buy the replacements but fresh fruit veg and meat are all gluten free and better for you! You'll find most of the more 'trying' food stuff on our system is gluten. It is notorious for causing inflammation and I'd imagine that inflammation would exacerbate nerve damage, but that is not based on research!

There are many out there that says we are not properly designed for gluten, (or dairy but that's a different story). I also have ME which is linked with gluten intolerance. For me it was a thing I could do straight away and I had improvements within a week. It is quick and would actually be cheaper as you cut out all the more expensive foods that have gluten. I've found I feel much better gluten free but that's me, YMMV!!

Take care and good luck. I'd be interested to hear how you get on.


Rather than go drastic with gluten free, try magnesium first. apparently it can help with cramps.


Thank You & I will try Magnesium as it makes sense.


Thank You.

I woke up about 30mins ago with unbearable pain as my left leg was twisted in a deformed shape & stiffened in pain to what I can only describe as a " double jointed position ( if that makes any sense).

My leg started to go back into my normal shape about 5mins ago.

That is a long time to be in the worse pain.

I will follow your advise because my sleep was about half an hr & looks like I will be awake for many hrs now as I feel like my leg has been hit & twisted by a big lorry.

Sorry if I am not making much sense.

Thank You for advise.


Reading this comment from you with the deformed shape and the twisting does not sound like cramps as i know it to be. You need to see your doctor as it sounds like you have more than cramps going on.

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I think you need to go back to your Doctor. Explain how bad this really is. Take pics with you if needs be. It may just be Potassium deficiency but it needs proper investigation if it is that bad.

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Hi LP557

I like you have serious back problems and also experience very longlasting cramps in legs and they are awful and sometimes leave a swelling near groin that takes 36 hours to go away. I find the only things that help are an imediate application of Biofreeze Gel and a Diazepam tablet so beg for them from your Gp as that sort of pain seriously affects you mentally if you are unaware of any possible relief!


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Thank You very much & it makes a lot of sense what you say.

I hope you stop suffering because in my opinion its the worse pain ever (& I know what pain is).

Thank You


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