Restless Legs Syndrome
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I have been trying to stop taking Pramipexole for a while. I'm taking .35 mg of extended release and have to take half of a milligram of regular Mirapex to get sleep. It is going ok but I'm not sure where to go from here. I wish I could just stop taking all together but I get anxiety thinking about it because my RLS can be so bad and I hate the pain in my arms and legs. I call it pain because that's the only way I can explain RLS. It seems whatever I do at times eating healthy taking supplements drinking water and exercising RLS pops up anyway when it wants. Hard to understand it but I'm trying 😕

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Many people on here are getting good relief from a variety of drugs - Gabapentin, Lyrica, Tramadol, Targinact and Codeine to name but a few. You need to speak to your Dr about a more appropriate drug regime.

I'm hoping some day to be drug free but I imagine it will take a lot of effort and pain. That said there is nothing wrong with taking the drugs to get through the horrors of this condition.

You'll find plenty of info on treatments here:

Good luck.


Artsy, the only way to get off the pramipexole is to see your doctor, say you are augmenting on the pramipexole, your doctor will probably give you a blank look as most do not know what augmentation is. You need a strong pain med from your doctor like Tramadol. and you wean down very slowly off the pramipexole, over a few weeks or longer. All the good exercise, drinking water etc etc that you are doing will not help all the time you are augmenting from the pramipexole. augmenting from a dopamine med will over ride everything else. Your dose of your pramipexole is higher these days then is now recommended and the fact you are having to add in more to sleep is a big sign of augmentation.

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