Do I have rls

Looking for advice !! In the last few days I have had literally no sleep!! It's my right leg that constantly need the urge to move when I'm trying to sleep !! Started to get tingles in my right foot the last day or so !! I'm working nights ATM !! Wasn't sure if it's signs of rls or insomnia !! But if I sleep I bet about 5 hours then wake up with restless right leg again !! Symptoms are worse in the night when I go to bed !! Going to gp soon to see what's up ? Any advice would be great !!!


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  • Could be! Have you changed anything since this happened - food or medication. There are loads of triggers that set it off.

    For medicines to avoid check

    Good luck .

  • No not really my diet is high protein as I go to the gym a lot it has o my started the last few days on me never experienced this before !!!

    I'm hoping to see my go today to see what the solution or problem is

  • Sounds very like RLS. It's that urge to move your leg when trying to sleep, or which wakes you from sleep. The tingles in the feet sound familiar too.

    You do need to check with GP that it's not something else like a pulled muscle putting pressure on nerves. Let us know what he/she says.


  • Went to my gp today guys !! He gave me amitryotiline he thinks it nerves causing it but I mentioned rls he says he didn't think it wa that but is amitryotiline used to treat rls gave me it for 28 days and says it should clear up by them I have my doubts as my mum suffers from restless legs aswell and I'm sure rls is heriditary ?? Up keep use updated and if I'm not better I will be getting a second opinion !! Thank you for the replies appreciated


    If your Mum has RLS, it's likely you may well have it. Amitriptyline makes RLS worse but it does help relieve nerve pain. I was given it to help nerve pain in my legs caused by my MS but it sent my RLS through the roof. Didn't get any sleep at all.

    If it doesn't work after 3 nights, I think you can assume it's not nerve pain and that it is more likely to be RLS. At that point, look up all the articles on here about RLS and go back to the GP armed with the info.

    The vast majority of GP's don't seem to be too familiar with RLS or its treatment. Jack of all trades, master....


  • Hi, Join the noted 1 in 10,000 worldwide who suffer RLS, with a response from the Medical Profession, 'It's not life threatening so carry on'. So don't hold your breath.

    Just be careful of the Hacks out there with their miracle cures, Look at some of the feedback on so called remedies, let alone the expense.

    Your GP advise/ prognosis is probable correct, try some painkiller 'aspirin, ibuprofen, an hour before retiring, (forget paracetamol, couldn't cure itself).

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