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Seeking Advice For Family Member

Hi all. So, my father-in-law has suffered a number of strokes over the last few years and, among other difficulties, has developed an aggravating leg twitch which basically disturbs his sleep frequently. It is really getting him down and I was wondering if a leg sock might offer any relief? I should state, he refuses meds for anything preferring homeopathic treatments, or the occasional few shots of congac to knock himself out in the evening (worst case scenario)

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Has he tried the "Mary-Steward"stance?


Seriously- impossible to say if it's even rls is at him.

Whatever works, works.

I know you say he's averse to medicines- but he could be triggerring a twitch from a simple thing like cough med. The cognac would also be a trigger.

Aren't we right spoil sports! 😆

Good luck.

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I agree with Madlegs that the cough medicine and brandy could be triggering RLS. I've tried homeopathy for RLS and acupuncture- neither helped.

I used to be like him and refused all meds but gave in when my MS became the progressive form. Taking meds ( aggressive drugs by infusion once a month) saved me and got me walking again so I'm a convert to meds now. Bring 'em on!

In the same way, I'm now taking meds for RLS if they can help me to sleep for more than 4 hrs in the early morning. Strokes and back injuries and neurological diseases like Parkinsons and MS can also cause RLS because of damage to the brain and spinal cord. I suspect the strokes have caused similar damage for your father in law but he should seek medical advice for confirmation.

If it is RLS, it's a case of trial and error to find something that works but have a look at a few posts on here and you'll see that diet and supplements seem to work for some people if he really wants to avoid meds.

Hope he finds something that helps him.

Good luck,


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Thanks for the replies guys. I get that the alcohol is a trigger but it's a hard pill for him to give up the congac, wine too, being one of the few perks to his limited living, he's finding it hard to adjust. I just hope he'll do what's needed to help himself get some decent sleep even if it does mean medication. Anyway, thanks again.


He really needs to know whether he does have RLS or not, then you would at least know how to treat what he has. Are you just guessing he has RLS or has he been diagnosed with it. The one part of the criteria for RLS is having the urge to move your legs, a urge you cant resist. Usually results in having to get up and pace for some relief. If you put criteria for RLS in the search box top of the page you should see some posts giving the full criteria.

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Hi, thanks for that. It is undiagnosed but he's up every couple of hours pacing to stretch his legs and get relief. Doctor arranged for physio when symptoms began but he suffered extreme weakness after the exercise even taking a fall and was reluctant to continue. He is a difficult patient and prefers not to invite doctors if possible. Hence, as his carer, I'm quietly seeking advice and trying to find some alternative options. Thanks again.


Hi BlckHd

These two links may help you and your father in law: (Medications to Avoid)

As others have said unfortunately for most, alcohol, caffeine and RLS do not go together well.

If you are in the UK you may like to visit if you have not done so already.

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Thank you for this.


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