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Taking Gabapentin and Tramadol whilst weaning off Pramipexole


Hi All, I have to come off pramipexole because of augmentation/rebound. My question is can I take Tramadol for the pain of withdrawal and Gabapentin for the RLS. I have been looking up alternatives and am so confused, I have an appointment with my GP coming up and am afraid to say she has no idea about RLS. I will have to suggest things to her and hope she will prescribe.

I would be so grateful for ideas of coping with the withdrawal of pramipexole.

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What rate of pramipexole are you on at present?

You could come down by .088 every 3 or four days or slower, and the tramadol should be ok. You might want a sleeping pill for a short time. Something like Ambien would be suitable.

Good luck.

keiralee in reply to Madlegs1

Hi Madlegs

Thank you for replying. I am on 3 x .088 every evening. Have you any experience of Gabapentin because I cannot envisage not having anything to help with RLS. Do you know if I could take it at the same time as weaning off pramipexole.

Madlegs1 in reply to keiralee

Responses to gabapentin can be quite varied- so its a question of trying it out. If you get the rls just at night, then getting up to a dose of 900 ( incrementing up by 300 every 3 or 4 days) should be sufficient. It akes a few weeks for gaba to take effect so you would need to continue with the tramadol and then either wean off that or gradually lower its dose.

It's very much an experiment and no one is the same.

Avoid magnesium at the same time as the gaba dose- leave 3 hrs between them.

If you are in the USA there is a product called Horizant which is much more effective- ask your dr.

Another option is Lyrica(Pregabalin) if the gaba doesnt suit you.

Good luck.

keiralee in reply to Madlegs1

Many thanks for your help.

Grammy12 in reply to keiralee

I was only on pramipexole for 2 weeks and I really was not happy about taking it. Told my doc I wanted to try gabapentin instead. She told me I could just stop taking the pramipexole and go on the gabapentin. WHAT A Mistake! You have to wean your self off and be prepared for a few sleepless nites. I have never tried pain meds in the interim so I can't vouch for that. All I can vouch for is that I take 300 mg at 6 pm and 600 mg at 10 pm and sleep all nite without a problem.

Grammy12 in reply to Grammy12

I take the magnesium at the same time as the 10 pm pill without s problem. Also take Vitron C in the am for iron.

keiralee in reply to Grammy12

Thank you so much for your reply.

lbrosa in reply to Grammy12

Hi Grammy12...are you completely off Pramipexole and now taking Gabapentin or did you start the Gabapentin before getting off Pramipexole?

marsha2306 in reply to lbrosa

Please read my reply above from a year ago. It will explain further. Went off pramipexole then on Gabapentin.

I am sure you would be OK. I have been on pramipexole which did not help me. I now take 1800mg of Gabapentin which for me alleviates pain. 200mg of Tramulief which is an extended relief Tramadol works to keep my legs still!

keiralee in reply to martino

Thank you so much for replying.

I have only been on pramipexole for about 5 weeks and so far they are working fantastic touch wood . I had been on clonazepam for 2-3 years and they were excellent for me but unfortunately I grew used to them and then they wouldn't work any more. I tried gabapentin but couldn't take them. I now take the smallest dose of pramipexole 1 hour before bed and so far think they are wonderful (Keep my fingers crossed). Maybe clonazepam would work for you. Best of Luck. jonjo

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