Restless Legs Syndrome

back to the drawing board

Saw a neurologist Thursday I had had a nerve conduction test that came back normal.

Where to go from there??? I was on pramipexole 0.088mg twice a day I am now starting on 0.26mg 3 times a day. See how it goes. Every thing wears off in the end.

I was on ropinerole for three years until they wore off. Oh well back to the drawing board.

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Eileen - you are going nowhere very quickly. Get off the train while you can.

If the dose you wrre on didn't work, upping it so drastically will be disastrous -especially when inevitably you have to get off this drug. Withdrawal will not be nice.

Get off it now while it won't be too difficult and talk to your doctor about better medications. Go to the rlsuk website to get information on up to date medication. Print that out and give to your doctor.

There are plenty of effective meds you can take for good control of rls. But not the way you're going.

I know it seems logical to up a dose when it is not working - but that is a direct lead in to Augmentation ( search it)

Good luck. And do not up your dose whatever you do.



I would say exactly what Madlegs has already said.Plus 2x0.088 of Pramipexole is the top recommended daily dose.If that does not help then it is either not the med for you or augmentation is happening.Try to get some Tramadol to help you get off the Pramipexole ..Pipps x


Completely agree with the other people's comments. Please do NOT increase your dose. Things will only get worse, then like Madlegs said getting off of your pramipexole will be a nightmare. We have people on here who are detoxing right now because of augmentation.

There are other options of meds to take, away from the DA's.


Thank you all for your comments. will take on board suggestions made. It's good to know we are not alone.


That's a huge jump in dosage...


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