I am 80yrs old and have suffered from rest less legs an the rest of my body as well for the last 30yrs.after trying every cure known to man and some that aren't the only thing that works for me is 2 or 3 PRAMIPEXOLE ,but I don't want to take this really because it's a treatment for Parkinsons,so I found that DEEP FREEZE painrelief cold gel all over your legs and buttocks ,lie down maybe not quite your favorite perfume but quite helpful all the same.

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  • I got a chillow, cold pillow, and find this helps me x

  • Pramipexole is a safe med to take as long as the dose is kept as low as possible. 3 pills was a bit too high. I also use the Deep Freeze pain relief but i use the spray. I use it when i wake in the night with RLS. Its the menthol in the spray or gel that works, it numbs the area where you are having the RLS and stops the sensations and the movement. I must admit it is not the best of smells but worth putting up with that to get relief. I spray all down the back of my calves, the back of my knees and all round my ankles as that is where i get my RLS.

  • Have just ordered some deep freeze spray (after your recommendation )

  • Hi DisneS,

    I have used the deep freeze sprays for years with very good results. I spray it behind my knees and in the crook of my arms.


  • Hi Jose651 Thanks for your note. My rls has suddenly become so much worse and nothing seems to help. I can't take drugs and really don't want to increase from 2mg Neupro . Almost sure it can't be the spray causing the problems but will leave it off for a few nights then try again

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