Found What Was Causing 40 Years of RLS!!

After suffering 40 years with RLS, which started intermittently and got progressively worse to the point of unbearable, leg jerking from 8-9 p.m. until sunup every night, a knowledgeable doctor told me it was an infection in one of my teeth! Indeed, it was! I had broken a tooth when in college and had a crown put on, and that crown was lined with aluminum. That aluminum was spreading through that tooth into my nervous system, which sent jolts down to my legs in an attempt to heal itself (my nervous system). I had the crown removed, and immediately felt something was different. It's been 2 weeks since cleaning up that tooth and removing that crown, and my RL is clearing up gradually. I'm also on a program to strip this aluminum out of my body. I will soon be free of 40 years of suffering! And all along it was an infected tooth where decay had also set in under the crown. No signs of a problem, no swelling, no pain. My regular dentist said nothing was wrong, but a biological dentist (there are not many of them around, but I found a database with the names of these dentists located all over the world) found my problem and removed it!!! Hallelujah!!!

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  • Wow, can't believe something like that can cause all those years of suffering. So glad you got it sorted

    I am in the process of changing meds to see if that helps my rls x

  • I think paying attention to meds and doses are the biggest help. What kind of meds are you switching around, if you do not mind me asking? ;) It can be a merry go round of trial and error. So, good luck and let us know how it is going. I personally would not survive without the meds I can take, since I have had RLS since I was 14, and so that would make it 46 yrs for me. I have found the best combo of meds that works for me, so am very happy right now, but it took a long time and many doctors to get the right ones for ME, as with most people. Wishing you good luck, and we always have to our homework. ;)

  • I am on amitriptyline for fibromyalgia, but the dose I needed for pain relief was giving me more side effects than benefit. Once I have that out of my system I will be going back to docs to see what we will try next

    I have actually lost 4lbs since cutting down the dose, so it was also causing weight gain x

  • Linda-pink, amitriptyline is a med that is well known to make RLS worse for 99% of us, just so you know. Made me want to jump out of a window, literally, my RLS got so bad, and that is not an isolated incident. IF you put amitriptyline into the search box you will get lots of posts and discussions. It is on the web site RLS-UK's web site and is officially on the list of Drugs to Avoid.

  • Yeah when I was on 10mg of ami for pain my rls was same as usual but I had to keep upping my dose to make it work and that's when things got really bad. Also put on a stone in weight which I have easily lost since stopping it. Thanks to this site and the kind people on it I realised what was happening or think I would still be on it and being really miserable x

  • Hi SuperMNew,

    That is indeed very interesting, but what about all the people with dentures who have RLS!? My mother suffered for years. Hers disappeared when she became tea-total! I also find that my RLS is MUCH WORSE if I have consumed alcohol.

  • Hi karaph1951

    I'm not expert on this subject but I do know that some toothpastes contain aluminium. I can't post a link because it's a manufacturers link and is presumably classed as advertising, but I looked at the ingredients for one of the major denture glues and it does seem to contain aluminium.

    But interestingly I also found this link from the FDA discussing the fact it contains zinc and an overdose of zinc can cause nerve problems.

    I have no idea if that is what causes RLS for those with dentures but it is interesting.

    Gentle hugs, Margaret.xx

  • I forgot about the teeth filling.Years ago there was some type of filling from Germany.,it tasted like nail polish and made me salivate excessively I managed to get the dentist to remove it and the salivation problem ceased.It did not help the leg though as I was convinced at the time it would be a bonus.Glad to hear you have relief.

  • There are miniscule amounts of aluminum in a FEW toothpastes. I personally doubt it is the toothpaste or the teeth, but hope we get updates on Super's experience, which is indeed interesting, for sure. I know my toothpaste has zero aluminum, and I have no infected teeth or dentures for that matter.

  • One of my sisters has had ME for over 30 years and I know in fairly early days she was advised to seek out an aluminium free toothpaste, to stop using aluminium pans etc. Basically to cut down or preferably out her contact with aluminium.

    For quite some time she struggled to get aluminium free toothpaste here in the UK because not only was it in the paste but certainly at the time the tubes were all lined with aluminium.

    That has changed over the years on both accounts and most tubes are now completely plastic, but there are still some around that contain aluminium either in the paste or tube (which is why I said some).

    I agree I'm not sure whether aluminium is a trigger for RLS but I know my sister did achieve some benefit for her ME from reducing aluminium where she could.

    I have seen many people expounding the theory about aluminium fillings being problematic to health though. But when I asked my dentist he said that it is only an issue when the filling is put in or being taken out. Otherwise, unless it is leaking in some way, it shouldn't cause a problem. Yet some people who have had the fillings removed do claim various health benefits, not just ones related to RLS.

    It's just interesting to hear what people have to say about the topic.

  • YEs, indeed! I had the crown on my tooth tested by my regular dentist who swore up and down that it was perfect, that there was no problem at all. He would not take the crown off for me. I went to a biological dentist who took the crown off and found decay under the crown and the crown itself was heavily lined with Aluminium! I had a heavy metals test (blood work to determine contamination of heavy metals in the body), and my aluminum content was almost off the charts. At the time I was very confused because I avoided aluminum like the plague! Now I know. The night after the dentist took the aluminum crown off, I felt a difference in my legs. I'm now chelating the aluminum out of my body, which I figure will take a while. In the meantime, my RL has gone from all night (7 p.m. to 7 a.m.) to perhaps 20-30 minutes total around 7 p.m. when my Central Nervous System is going through a healing cycle. (The CNS detoxifies and tries to heal itself every 24 hours. I didn't know that until now.)

  • It's a great idea but unfortunately due to our perilous financial situation I'm having to leave my very good general dentists practice and find an NHS practice as we can no longer afford the prices of private treatment.

    I've just looked at the closest biological dentist to where we live and unfortunately not only do they not do NHS dentistry, their prices are even more than my current dentist. Not horrendous but when you are already struggling to pay the prices you can't afford any extra :(

    Interesting what you say about your RLS though and the healing cycle. My RLS is only secondary as part of ME and Fibro, but for me it's usually at it's worst when I'm particularly fatigued, tired or under a lot of physical or mental stress (which doesn't take much with ME). But the other time it can be bad is the opposite sort of situation, when I either first sit down in a chair or go to bed and start to feel myself relaxing. Often wondered why both ends of the scale seem to set it off.

    Gentle hugs,

  • Hello Nightdancer! Good to see your name pop up again. I have avoided aluminum like the plague for years, so this was a complete surprise for me. A heavy metals test that I took showed extremely high levels of aluminum in my body, and my doctor was puzzled since he knows I avoid the stuff. Now I know what was causing my problem.

    The first night after I had the crown removed, I could tell a difference. It's been two weeks now, and I've gone from RL attacks that start around 7 at night and continue all night until 7 in the morning, to only 20-30 MINUTES OF RL around 7 p.m. when my Central Nervous System is going through the process it goes through every 24 hours to clean and heal itself. (God made such wonderful bodies!)

    I am in the process of chelating out heavy metals using a product called Metal Magic. It is wonderful! I expect to be completely free of all symptoms very soon!

    God bless!

  • I'm so glad for you.

  • Thank you, Daisy. My nerves are still healing from the heavy metals that my tooth crown was leaching into my body for many years. It's been a process for sure. As for the cause of RLS, it is not the same for everyone. And some things contribute to RLS making the search for the cause quite difficult.

    Blessings to you. I hope you can find relief.

  • hello there, i had a very bad car accident a few years ago and the medication needed to keep me alive has thinned my bones and rotted all my teeth, so i had to have them all out 6 yeare ago,so i know my rls is nothing to do with metal from them, nut i do have a lot of titanian screws and plates in me, could they be making me worse???

  • I don't know about titanium. Finding the cause of RLS is a real task!! It's not the same for everyone. It took me many years to chase down why I've had RLS in the first place. And it's gone from not so bad in my younger years to much worse as I got older. And then managing my symptoms so that I could sleep was another search. I was determined to NOT be a victim of drugs, so I searched for natural products that could help. And, as you read on this blog, different things help different people.

    The issue of heavy metals is that your body stores the metals, especially lead. And they stay there even though the metals are removed. I went through chelation therapy to remove lead, barium, cadmium, cesium, gadolinium, mercury, nickel, thallium, thorium, and uranium. Not all these came from my dental situation, but the highest ones certainly did. They scored in the range of critical. The others just accumulated from living in this world. All came out with chelation therapy.

    All nerves are "soft" targets for metals. Now the nerves have to heal, which, the doctor says, can take a year or more. Ugh! But I can tell I am slowly getting better.

    I'm sure all of my woes do not matter to anyone else, but I share this to say that our bodies are intricately made, and what may go wrong in one place can affect us in another. I pray you can find answers, and above all, relief!


  • I'm sure there are many different causes for RLS. I had looked into all the remedies others had suggested through the years, and none helped me at all. I never suspected I had a tooth problem. This might help someone else who has tried other things to no avail, but perhaps has crowns or root canals, which could very likely be the problem. It's worth a visit to a Biological Dentist (regular dentists may also help if they are willing to remove crowns and root canals. Mine was not willing.)

  • Biological dentists are EXTREMELY expensive and not covered by an insurance in the US for good reason. So, most people on here and other groups certainly could not afford this, even if i thought it could help.

  • I realize that, nightdancer. But I will disseminate the information because some people are so desperate to find the cause of their mind-blowing condition. RLS drives some people to the very edge, so even if I think the procedures are too expensive, someone else may welcome the news. Don't prejudge people, nightdancer!

  • I never prejudge, I read first, and THEN I take my conclusions from that. So, have a nice day, and I believe I have gone as far as I can on this subject without getting a migraine. Cheers!

  • I'll retreat after this: I will never submit to an "incurable" diagnosis.

  • from a web site that sells products. no agenda there, right?

  • Sorry. I have to respond. Did you bother to read the link? There's no agenda, friend. These are facts of science.

  • hi there datsoon1 here, i have had all my teeth out and rls is still with me,crying in the middle of the night,walking around the house an d getting in the bath ,walking outside without shoes to have the cold on the b ottom of my feet plus just walking round the house, they are some of the things i do

  • There are no easy answers for RLS. Reading through this blog reinforces that it seems to have many causes. Some are helped one way; some by vitamins, iron, magnesium, calcium. I searched a long time for answers. I understand your misery, believe me!! Many of us here do understand. I wish I had back all the money I spent on "things" that helped others but did not help me.

    I started by reading research studies from respected institutions. Many studies indicated that "RLS could be wiped out if people increased their iron intake." That does not work for everyone, but that was a research finding. Another said that vitamin and mineral deficiencies were the cause of much misery. Other studies reported that food allergies," another assured me that my weak leg veins were the cause. Sigh! It's confusing to say the least!!

    After trying drugs briefly (I knew very quickly that was not the answer for me), I found that my teeth were causing me some serious medical issues. Since that time, I've at least been able to manage my RLS symptoms so I can sleep. And, to make a long story short, my leg nerves (which are soft targets for heavy metals, which I have also had removed from my body) are slowly beginning to heal, for which I am so thankful.

    I pray you can find an answer. RLS is horrible. I know that for sure.


  • RLS has a variety of causes. I can't analyze those who have dentures or children. There is definitely another cause. Mine happened to be my teeth.

  • Yes I find the same problem too.

  • Wonderful discovery. I always believe that we have to be our own health detectives....

  • Great that it worked for you. :)

    Unfortunately this will not be the answer for all as we know nothing appears to help everyone with RLS.

    Children suffer with RLS before they have had any treatment on their teeth.

  • That was me unfortunately so can't blame the fillings, (but could they be making it worse?!?!).

    I am delighted you found your solution, best of luck with it.

  • So, you have gone 2 wks, Super?, Kind of hard to say RLS is gone for good ,no matter what the cause is? Not saying you are wrong, but I do have some doubts. Seems to me you would have to go quite a while before you could say for sure? What about kids who have no fillings or teeth infections yet? I am glad it had seemed to work for you, but that is hardly a cure. You would only know if you are cured or "fixed" if you never have one day or night of RLS for the rest of your life. So, good for you if it keeps up. :) What about genetic RLS, as a example. Yours , if it WAS your tooth, would be considered secondary RLS with an underlying cause. I think time will tell, but with RLS , declaring victory over it is a touchy thing. I am sure you will let us know if this lasts for you. Are you still on meds, and what ones, and do you take iron, etc? I know you were taking the "gentle iron" or at least I had that impression. Just do not want new people who are just starting on their RLS information journey to think this is a normal thing, because it is not. So, am happy for you IF it continues, but it is certainly not the answer for all of us and for all the RLSer's out there in the world. A biological dentist? Are you in the UK or the US or elsewhere? Just wondering.

  • All I can tell you is what I am experiencing now. Victory is defined differently by each of us, and for me it is one step at a time. I have come from severe RL attacks starting around 7 p.m. and continuing until the sun comes up the next day with NO RELIEF, NO STOPPING. Now, I experience 20-30 minutes of RL around 7 p.m., then it stops and I have NO ATTACKS. I take Mucuna at bedtime just to make sure I can sleep deeply, and I do. You can declare victory your way, and I will declare victory with each night I have relief from RL attacks.

    I do know that there are many causes for RLS. I have stated that time and again. My words should not mislead anyone. It is simply my testimony of my experience. We are all different.

    I am not on prescription medicine. I did take Ropinirole last November for a month but knew right away that was not going to do anything for me in the long run. I quit that.

    I did take iron, plus magnesium, plus calcium, plus amino acids, plus a multitude of other supplements that helped others, plus the Relaxis Pad, plus acupuncture, plus essential oils, plus massage, (and probably other "remedies" that did not work.) The point is: most of us try whatever we think will help us, and when we find what works for us, that is victory, maybe small, but as I see it, victory.

    I cannot answer for other people, or children with RLS. But I know that God made my body without RL, and I didn't have any symptoms until a few years after I broke a tooth in college and had a crown put on. During a series of 3 crowns on that tooth, (and 30 years) my RL became worse and worse to the point of being unbearable. My story is no different from a lot of others. I can only tell you what has happened to me. You can take it for what it's worth.

    I go to a biological dentist in St. Louis, Missouri. I live in Rolla, Missouri, USA. There is a database of dentists all over the world who are biological dentists. You can peruse the database yourself:

  • How do you KNOW that your body was "made without RLS?" just wondering.

  • I had no RL symptoms until several years after my first crown was put in my mouth--age about 30 when they popped up. Seems suspect to me. Didn't connect the dots at the time. Took me years to make the connection, and I still would not have done so had a very astute doctor pointed it out to me. He was totally right.

  • You can still carry the gene, and it can be recessive for years. 70% of all people with RLS have primary/genetic RLS. So you have no idea if you were born with it, or your "tooth problem" triggered it.

  • ...and don't prejudge me, either. You have no idea what I've been through or what my history is.

  • I am delighted for you, I presume that another benefit is that you will be able to ditch any medication that you were taking for RLS. Congratulations on beating RLS - you are the first that I have heard of who has achieved it.

  • Thank you. I've heard of several who once had RLS and have gotten over it, so to speak. Who knows if it was actually RLS. Symptoms still the same; still up all night with attacks in their legs so they cannot sleep, leaving them with creepy and crawly jerking legs. Yes, it seemed the same to me, and somehow a few folks I've talked to have beaten it. That should give all of us hope that it can be done.

  • In 20 years, I have not heard of anyone beating RLS , as in not ever having it again. fr the REST of your life. Am wondering now, 3 weeks later, how are you doing SuperMNew?

  • Nightdancer, I am now 5 weeks out and still progressing toward being RLS free. I am also actively pursuing chelating metals out of my body. My RL symptoms are now barely noticeable, so sleeping is much better. I have one or two 10 to 15 minute bouts around 7 or 8 in the evening, then they stop. One bout may pop up in the morning, but that soon goes away. The one or two in the morning are barely noticeable. I hope that when the metals are gone, I will be totally free.

    You be the judge.

  • I have to say i have never heard of any one who has beaten RLS and are now completely RLS free for life. I am now wondering if you did have RLS..? Not saying you didnt, BUT there are other conditions that mimic RLS. Just saying.

  • Well, Elisse, I have read several on this blog who have indicated their RL symptoms have disappeared with they did certain things, or when they took magnesium, for instance; or when they added iron. There are quite a few studies that shed a lot of light on what may cause RLS. I cite one here:

    An interesting sentence from this study says: "The single most consistent finding and the strongest environmental risk factor associated with RLS is iron insufficiency..." I encourage you to research this and read that study.

  • I know Dr. Earleyand have read ALL of his studies, as has Elisse, so do not assume something you do not know

  • And I repeat back to you: don't assume something YOU do not know! These doctors are not the only ones working on the RLS issues.

  • Yes, you are right, when people say they have found relief when taking magnesium or iron or what ever they have found which works for them. BUT, its not a cure, their RLS will always be in the background ready to pounce at anytime. Its a treatment that people have found to work for them, a treatment is not a cure. There is no cure for RLS. and all the RLS experts tell you that, including the doctors at JohnHopkins Clinic.

  • Well, Elisse, there are some doctors who would disagree.

  • There are TREATMENTS for RLS, not cures. Not yet. I have studied RLS for 20 years, as have many people, and while some may get better relief than others with magnesium and iron ( I do NOT), they are still considered a treatment in the Johns Hopkins world which you were kind enough to provide, SuperMNew. So, I will agree it is all very individual, as we know, BUT there are no cures, only treatments. Not only is Dr. Earley doing a proper LONG study on iron and written a paper about it, he is also doing a study on the successful LONG TERM treatment on opioids, and it includes 1200 people over 18 months. He is studying why iron works for some and not for others, he also is a strong believer in the use of opiates for RLS treatment and we need to include that since you brought him up first. And, I went to school for nursing and pharmacology, and have studied lots of science since then and at the time. But, as said by several people here, fine if it works for you.

  • I will stick to what the RLS experts say.

  • You mention further on that you have started mucuna Supernnew, a drug for Parkinsons. I wondered when you began it and whether it was around the same time as you had the crown removed from your tooth.

  • I have suffered for 40 years with RLS which started 10 years after I had two wisdom teeth pulled and a crown put on a broken tooth. The crown (discovered later) had a mercury filling underneath and aluminum in the crown. That crown was removed some years later and the mercury removed and a new crown put on which also contained aluminum. I had no idea that the aluminum would leech into my body. Long story short, I had heavy metals testing done in 2013 and my doctor fell off his chair when he saw my aluminum level almost off the chart. We couldn't figure where it was coming from. My regular dentist would not remove the crown he had put on saying it was 'just fine.' So I searched for a biological dentist who would remove it and replace it with a non-metal crown. What he discovered was decay under the crown and, of course, aluminum inside the crown. This was the lowest point in my health--I was ready to end it all. No sleep. You know that feeling, I'm sure.

    I had a reaction immediately when my dentist removed that crown and cleaned out the decay. That indicated to me my tooth and my RLS were somehow connected. Since then, my health has started to improve. I've had the heavy metals removed, and parasites removed, and further dental work done to clean up my mouth. Now, no heavy metals. The doctor said that it will take time for the nerves to heal after removing the metals as well as the parasites.

    I am not completely free of RLS, but I know that healing takes time. So, in order to sleep, I take Mucuna Pruriens, which has been used in India for hundreds of years to control PD. It also works for RLS. I purchase Velvet Bean Extract (Mucuna Pruriens) from "Pure Science" for $20 a bottle. That fleshes out to be about $3.25 per day, but it is worth it to me. It's 97% natural L-Dopa. The capsules do not show milligrams, but the dosage on the bottle is 1 capsule. I have found that I get 1 hour of total relief from RLS with 1 capsule. I take 4 capsules about 9 at night on an empty stomach. (I cannot tolerate more than 4 caps at a time) By 10:00, I am completely calm and can fall into a very restful sleep. After 4 hours I have to take 4 more capsules for another 4 hours of sleep. It takes about an hour for the MP to be absorbed, and I can get back to sleep. This dosage works for me. Everyone is different, so you will need to experiment.

    This has worked for me in this exact manner for one year so far. It does not cause augmentation like drugs, nor are there any withdrawal symptoms. MP is a bean! It's food! There is an excellent book I bought on about Mucuna Pruriens. So far it has proven completely safe.

    I did not know about Mucuna until a year ago, and it took some time to find a high enough potency capsule that would bring relief. I found that in the Pure Science product.

    I hope I have answered your questions.

  • That's really intriguing and very interesting!

  • Yes, interesting. I was amazed when my doctor showed me the medical connection between our teeth and our body health. I didn't know all that before I met this wonderful doctor here in the USA.

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