Alternative to Tramadol?

Hi all, I am 51 and have RLS guaranteed to kick in every night. I take Tramadol 100mg measured release around 1800 and that gets me through most nights. The issue with Tramadol is the hangover from it. I can't remember the last time I woke up feeling fresh. I am about to try Gabapentin as an alternative. Is there another that is proven to work without the side Effects?

Look forward to any advice.

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  • I found Gabapentin not only sedating and hangovery but it made me have a false appetite and I put on a heap of weight.

    If you are in the UK/north of Ireland you can get Targinact which is Oxycodone which works well(ish).

    Good luck.

  • Thanks Rafford.

  • Sorry Raff auto correct 😣

  • No probs glad I could help.

  • Hi, all I'm LD31 I have severe heart condition and at moment, my legs have really swollen especially my ankles ,can't walk without crutches, because of pain, was taking tramadol, 800mg a day all sorts of other meds, over 30, a day plus zoplclone at night, I have come off tramodol, now taking, buprenorphine 400mcgs dissolve under you're tongue, 5, a day, and taking gabapentin 300 MG's 600 MG's three times a day, Dr said it takes a while for them to kick in, and up the dosage a bit more, been 3, weeks now still not doing much, too job I have the buprenorphine. Hopefully if he ups the dosage, might feel better, anyone, got similar problem, or any advice to help with severe pain, especially at night, I would appreciate it very much, thanks, everyone who understands, how incapacitated and sad and depressed you can get.. LD,31 all the very best to you all..

  • Everybody reacts differently to medicines. So you will have to experiment. I'm on Oxycontin , which causes me insomnia , itching and a little hyper. But controls the rls completely. Most of the side effects have lessened after five months.


  • you are right there everyone does differ when it comes to meds, I have taken oxytocin (liquid form it works a lot quicker) & it caused me to have itching,(really bad) its the opiates, I have had to come of tramadol for the same reason &this was brilliant for RLS but the itching was driving me barmy,he's put me on a drug called carbamazepine,to be honest I've never heard of it, just put a post on here to see if anyone knows about it

  • I get a lift from opiates too - instead of sedating me I am tired and sleepy near time I am due then when it kicks in I am alert and functioning. Same with cannabis - I don't get stoned, I get active and can work, (no lying around with the munchies listening to Bob Marley).

    800mg of Tramadol was crazy amounts and at levels that could have brought on seizures. In the UK & Ireland the max daily dose is 400mg - you were taking double!!

  • Update after a year- since this post seems to have reopened.

    The oxycontin side effects dissappeared completely after a few months.

    So also, after another while ,did its efficacy. About 4 hrs before due redose time , I am getting withdrawal symptoms. Sometimes 500 Paracetamol may potentiate any remaining opiate- but not always.

    This must be a tolerance issue.

    See my post on Oxycontin/ Tramadol. In last few weeks.


  • I am struggling to get 8 - 10 hours out of the Oxy. I was taking it at 6 pm but was wakening in the middle of the night and up at 4 am with RLS. I've pushed it on til 8 pm and am now up around 6 am restless, (but restless from 4).

    It's a p1$$ poor product that is meant to last 12 hours and you are struggling to get 2/3 of that time. I have read that Cimetidine/Tagamet can make it last longer. I've read about Tonic water too but that stuff is poison no matter how much gin you put in it to kill the taste. They stop the enzymes that mop up the opiates from doing their job as effectively and leave more around for longer.

  • Paracetamol will potentiate opiates- but I can't find any research on how much and when to make it last longer rather than just getting a bigger bang.

    Eating high fat meal within 20 mins of taking the oxy does help- I eat a desert spoon of peanut butter. Quite disgusting sounding but does seem to work .

    This lack of efficacy does not seem to be consistent - I think triggers are at work also.

    But overall- there is definitely a loss of efficacy and longevity.

    Seeing the Pain Consultant in 2 wks- so will update ye after that.

  • Hi I'm on Ropinerole and have the same side affects raff.mentions have put on a lot of weight and insomnia so trying to get off and hopefully something else might work better ,will see dr next week , but all tabs are trail and error you might be great on something else , good luck

  • Hi Mark_G, I've been on TRAMADOL 50 mg regular tablets, for SIX years now, I take one at 5:30 pm and another 50 mg tablet at 11:30 pm. I have NEVER had any type of side effects and specially NO HANGOVERS like you say you experience. It surprises me to hear this because that's the wonderful trait about TRAMADOL, basically no side effects, the most I have ever heard was feeling sleepy the following day, which does happen at times to me, so I take a little power nap and I'm good to go for the rest of the day. I took Gabapentin at first which never worked for me except made me gain 25 lbs in a month and a 1/2. Not sure how much that is in klg. Good luck if you decide to change but be aware that Gabapentin takes a while ti kick in and you might need to take a pretty high dose to make it work. Good luck and I'm sorry to hear about your experience with TRAMADOL.

  • It's odd isn't it how we respond differently to medication. I take Tramulief and Gabapentin and no hangover or weight gain but I couldn't manage ropinirole or pramipexole. It's all trial and more trial I think. Best wishes Martin

  • May tramadol and kratom be taken at the same time?. I was in Mirapexin 0,7 mg + 900 mg of Gabapentin but now is not working. I began with 50 mg tramadol but didn't work. Now wth 150 mg tramadol and 3 mg of Kratom (two doses of 1,5 in pills) seems to work. Any one has any experinece on this?. May be kratom alone may work?.


  • Hi I take pregablin and pramipexole together and at the start it was fantastic. And was so for years now it's every other day or night it's there but doesn't stop it altogether for me it just helps but I will never be able to go without anything at all . Hope this helps just what works for one mite not work for another.

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