Hi everyone, does anyone else get a certain feeling /warning when a bad attack of RLS is on its way? I call it my Pre RLS feeling, BEFORE I get any sensations, about 10 minutes before, I start to feel agitated and just "different " and a know that the RLS is going to start, It is almost like the aura that people with epilepsy /migraine sometimes get. I probably haven't described it very well lol . Just an agitated restless feeling minus the RLS sensations, x

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  • Glad Freddy is being well looked after hope he will soon be back with you,yes I can tell when rls is going to play up I start getting fidgety so straight away I get up and try to take my mind of it,been up since 1.15 a m bad night WHY ,enjoy tomorrow xx

  • when I first had what I now to be rls I used to a dull feeling above my right hip shortly after my legs would go ape I would then go walk-about shaking my leg[right one] only as that was the worst got strange looks from others think they had thought I had peed my self

  • Sometimes I get a weak feeling in my legs or arms. Terrible itching in my toes and fingers

  • Yep, I get a tightness in my chest, especially if my arms are going to play up.

  • What a variety of "warnings" some of us get before our RLS kicks in.

    I can get a pleasant "warning". ;) I am sitting or have my legs up on the settee for example and before the dreaded RLS arrives on the scene, I get a most wonderful calm feeling in my legs. I make the most of this, because I know exactly what the end result will be and I will have to get up and move around. How weird is that? I have not mentioned this to anyone before except my hubby, partly because no one else would be interested. ;)

  • yes Pipins2 I also get a warning RLS is coming on. I get a gurgling feeling in my legs like a kettle boiling. I know I am in for it.

  • I also getting get an agitated feeling when I'm sat resting and know that my RLS will kick in any time soon.

  • I can get a stinging feeling or like someone pinches me under my arm or on my leg all the sudden and I know that means I'm going to have my legs bother me or my arms. I have noticed that happens at times before I have RLS symptoms

  • I get that Artsy! ! Like a sudden insect sting lol x

  • I get a feeling of knowing im waiting for the the legs to start. It's like waiting around a corner know g someone is going to say boo! When I get that feeling my rsl isnt far behind...

  • Yes I do get a strange sensation! Sometimes if I cool my legs and feet down I can actually avoid the horrendous RLS but often it comes on later

  • Thanks for your replies everyone, it seems many of us get a warning that the beast is on its way! ! ..Pippins2 x

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