RLS has positive results on housework!

Just want to say thanks guys for your replies to my post last night, your suggestions are appreciated. Regards the Tramadol, is it ok to take when using Ropinirole?

Last night I got pretty desperate, so after struggling until about 4 am with not a chance of sleeping, I beat my legs with a metal letter opener as I just couldn't put up with it any longer!!! Silly I know, but hey it was sheer frustration, and you all know what I mean. Then I went and cleaned all my kitchen cupboards, before getting ready for a full day's work. I am exhausted and irritable (again). But you could eat your dinner off my kitchen floor, so it's not all bad!

Tonight I have increased my ropinirole to 1mg, which unfortunately makes my stomach cramp and my head feel "noisy". I guess my body is still getting used to the meds, only been taking them for 3 months, as I spent years just putting up with this diabolical condition.

Sorry, I am moaning on, you all have your own stories to tell, much the same as mine, so you don't need to listen to me whinging!

Cheers for the advice regards meds, and magnesium supplements. You know more than the doctors!

Off to bed, let's hope Tonight's a good one, they are a rarity that's for sure.

Night all, take care fellow twitchers!

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  • Hi ,never feel like you are moaning on! !! We are all here to help and support each other and groups like this are sometimes the only place where people understand what on earth you are talking about. Yes beating the legs with various objects sounds very familiar! !! I used to favour karate chops with my hands lol . On the meds 1mg is ok on the Ropinerole and is the dose recommended now by the experts, with 2mg being the absolute tops so don't be tempted to go any higher than that. It does not appear to be doing you much good anyway so if the 1mg does not help I would say its not the right med for you and change. It does not work for everybody unfortunately and it is trial and error finding the right one for you. Yes you can take Tramadol alongside Ropinerole, I was on that combination at one point Took me a while to find the right one. Maybe as Tramadol helps you could change over to that as your regular RLS medication. Hope you get some sleep tonight. ..Pippins2 x

  • Thanks for your encouragement, it really helps knowing I'm not alone! Funny my doctor has not mentioned Tramadol as a potential med for me, I'm pinching my hubbys (naughty) but they do seem to help, if only a little. Had noticed others using Tramadol so thought it would be worth trying. if someone suggested putting jelly in my socks, then I would probably give it a go as nothing seems crazy when you are suffering so severely. It upsets my hubby to see me so distressed, so I want to help him as much as me.

    But really fed up with non suffers suggesting : a milky drink, a bath, Valerian, alcohol, going for a walk (eh at 3 in the morning, I think not)! Etc, etc, like I haven't thought of or gone through the basics yet!!! They tell me "we're all tired it's not just you". But being tired and getting absolutely no sleep for days are two entirely different things!

    I'm certain everyone thinks I exaggerate the severity of this. Let them have it for a month or two that's a what I say!,,

    Cheers for listening, you're a star 👍


  • It's not just 'being tired', it drives me mad when people say that Grrr!! It's 'Sleep Deprivation', a very different and serious condition - after all it's been used in many wars as a torture.

    I just wish some of these 'we all get tired' people see how it feels after being awake for 48 hours.

  • I think Tramadol was one of the drugs my consultant 'dismissed' before my outburst (see my post)! Good luck x

  • Me again! Just reading your original post, did anything change a year ago when your symptoms ramped up any new meds at all? Also have you had your Ferrartin iron levels tested? ?

  • Hello, yeah had the tests done, reckon all okay which did surprise me. Nothing has happened in my life that I could significantly say increased the severity of my RLS, although I was on anti-depressants, which I weaned myself off a few months ago when starting meds for RLS.

    Not sure if any of that has made things worse!


  • Antidepressants will make RLS worse but you are off those now. Ask f the actual numberof your Ferrartin level as RLSsufferers need it much higher than what is considered normal for a non sufferer. Normal is classed from around 10 but we need it at least 50 preferably 70 and some experts like it at a hundred x

  • You are good! I've written that down regards Ferrartin levels, seeing Doc next Monday (had to wait two weeks for appointment, good job I'm a tough cookie)! Will request that info, it may help the Doc to help me, as they don't seem to know how to treat this.

    Cheers, it's greatly appreciated


  • Send GP to rls-uk.org it has a section for Professionals and he can't say "take no notice of stuff on Internet " because its the official charity, all legit x

  • There us bi moaning or whining here - just some very p1ssed off people venting at times - quite understandable considering this is the only place many of us are understood.

    The Dr wont mention tramadol as it is an opiate and can be misused so many are reluctant to prescribe. In the UK it became a class C drug about a year or two ago.

    Be careful using your hubbies and for Gods sake do not tell a Dr you are nicking your hubbies pain meds - you can be sure that will set alarm bells ringing and you will loose any chance at having it prescribed. Try and advise the Dr that you have spoken with numerous people who all get benefit from Tramadol and that you would like a trial of it. It may be that you need to go to a pain clinic first - depending on your Dr.

  • No worries raffs, I've got my head screwed on (well when I'm not too tired), hubbys Tramadol is always a last resort, and Doc won't hear it from me! But yeah good suggestion about requesting a trial, as "it's not what we say it's the way that we say it", that's what gets things done I reckon. Pain clinic, that's worth mentioning to Doc next appointment

    Cheers 🌙

  • You have hit the nail on the head, its all in how we ask.

    I normally throw this out so - Kratom might be worth a shot if you can get it. There are a few on here that have gotten great results from it - although it is not legal in the UK any more it can still be got. Cannabis can work, (depending on the strain), if you can source it. Both drugs are safer than the prescribed drugs many of us take for RLS!!!

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