Restless Legs Syndrome
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Looking for inspiration!

Hi guys, I'm new to the forum, but not new to RLS & PLMS! Had RLS for years now, but it's become ridiculous for the last year or so. Now trying Ropinirole, but it's not working. Have to top it up with hubby's Tramadol, for some slight relief. Also taking chelated magnesium, zinc, and just started with apple cider vinegar tablets, phew! I seem to digest more tablets than I do food these days.

I have put on about 28 lbs as I am too tired to exercise, and comfort eat as I feel sorry for myself. Exhausted at work everyday and so irritable. Any suggestions as to what I am doing wrong, or is this it for the rest of my life?

Hey, I even tried fastening magnets to my legs as I read they may help, not for me though!

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oldestnewest pretty new here too but i do understand the desperation... i once glued corks together and put them as rods beside me in bed cause i heard that it could help...ahhh hv been better relieved if id drank the wine the corks came was told rls can be managed but not cured...i was told ill hv it the rest of my life and never be completely free of pain...from what iv read on here it looks like a lifetime struggle needing regular med changes due to most becoming ineffective after some time or augmentation occurring... dont mean to put a downer on ur day...i think we can all agree what seems to work for one doesnt necessarily mean will work for another...i think ull find comfort knowing u are not alone with this dreadful afraid ull find no known cure here however...good luck with everything... 😊


Hi there, thanks for your reply. Agree with you about the corks alternative, trouble is wine gives me a bad head, there's just nothing fair about this condition is there?

Read on another post about magnesium l-therate, don't know how it's differs from chelated magnesium, but there were some positive posts. Might look at that once I have downed all my chelated mag.

Well time to try sleeping again, ha who am I kidding!


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Hi sorry you are in pain, I have pain everyday do not sleep well.I have tried mag L malic acid and lots of other alternative meds good at first then stop working, taking co codomal but might have to change and zopiclone For sleep still only get three hours, seeing Rhuematogist July hope to get some answers, you are not alone.


If your Ropinorole isn't working it may be making things worse (augmentation?). I would consider slowly withdrawing and using Tramadol for the withdrawal period. You could try Neupro patches or just Tramadol. I take 2 x 50mg and currently have NO RLS!

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I agree with John - but need to know your med history- whether you have been on dopamine agonists for long. If so then changing to another won't help much.

If you find Tramadol works for you , go for it. It is a good long term med for RLS and comes in a slow release form. It could be taken just for nightime or if required also for daytime. There is only a very tiny (1-2%) chance of augmentation, so sounds good.

However- it is an opiate and is nastier than oxycodone to come off- so keep the dose as low as practible.

Magnesium can affect other medications- so you might look at interactions with whatever you end up on.

All the very best in your journey.


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