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Im so over being ill...not jus severe rl in my arms back and legs n feet but i seem to get chest infection after chest infection...had pneumonia four times plus three general chest infections in a year...i have finished yet another bout of antibiotics and am currently waiting on call out doc because i still hv the chest infection and sore throat....all this illness exacerbates my rls...could i hv an autoimmune disease on top of rl or is the infections jus another wonderful side to this horendous disease?? Interested to know ur thoughts on this...thanku

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  • Also does anyone else suffer vertigo and paranoia....sore eyes...pressure in the head with their pain eps...i feel like iv been poisoned and hubbys trying to knock me off....

  • If you are sleep deprived for a long time, then your bodies immune system probabaly suffers, if you have low immune then you have not much going to fight off infections and virus's. Sleep deprivation can effect other parts of our bodies. Puts a strain on other organ's.

  • Do you smoke? Not preaching I smoke myself but just wondered if that could be aggravating your chest? x

  • Used to smoke but not in three years...about the same time my restless legs presented...i think iv had rls for much longer as started getting symptoms after i got clean off would tell me that the episodes were flashback to withdrawal symptoms and the longer i stayed off heroin the less frequent and severe my flashbacks would be... i hvnt used heroin in 18 yrs...😔 my episodes are ruthless and relentless...

  • Hi Goingthruhell,

    Have you had your Vit B12 levels checked? Dizziness and Paranoia are symptoms of B12 deficiency / pernicious Anaemia . I would suggest getting B12, Folate, Ferittin and Vit D checked. And you thyroid .

    J 👍

  • All i heard is " more meds,more meds,more meds....." lol

    On a serious note i never knew about a vitamin deficiency causing interesting... i will def look into that.... thanku for the wouldn't surprise me as i already hv regular iron infusions and take vit d supps...

  • Are you in the USA?

  • No im in Australia

  • Though you wasn't in the UK when you mentioned that you had iron infusions as they are not done in the UK thats why I asked,Did you get antibiotics from call out doctor? .,.Pipps x

  • Nah apparently the pneumonia is gone but now is something viral...i hv a swollen lymph node on my neck making my throat sore but nothing bacterial so no need for antibiotics...

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