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Atrial fibrillation

Hi. This post concerns my wife, now in her 70's,  who has had RLS for many years. Prescribed Pramexipole? but wouldn't take it. Soldiered on.

Two weeks ago while having minor day surgery, the consultant became concerned with high blood pressure and pulse, and with cardiology help, diagnosed AF. She has been on beta blockers since then. Real pleasant surprise, though, is no RLS since.

Web search shows that AF could be linked to RLS, but that beta blockers could also cause it.

Confused, and wondered if anyone else had experience of this.

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Hi Fred, I thought that with AF, the usual prescription is blood thinners, unless they successfully converted your wife back to sinus rhythm.  For high bp, yes beta blockers are in order.  I know people have reported relief from RLS with blood thinning type substances such as aspirin and vitamin E. 


Me again.  :) On the outside chance that your wife was given antibiotics I searched on this site about it.  I counted at least a dozen people on here who got COMPLETE relief of RLS symptoms from antibiotics and others not.  And it can't be placebo because none of them thought or were expecting that outcome.  Even one man on here who I consider to have the most severe RLS of all of us got relief from RLS with antibiotics but his doctor told him that eventually the RLS would return even if he continued on the antibiotics.  Excuse my French but WTF.  Not all antibiotics are created equal and some kill very specific organisms so when the antibiotics don't work it could be for that reason.  It might very well be that our guts contain too much of a certain micro-organism.  I'd have to google it but maybe our gut micro-organisms are nocturnal and I know that all life forms (except for TB) need iron.  Less micro-organisms or less of a certain kind might spell relief.  One man had MERSA and to me that means they through the heaviest hardest antibiotic at him and to me that also means that it decimated his gut micro-biome.  Yet he was relieved of RLS.  You would think just the opposite, that getting rid of our flora and fauna would worsen RLS...yet not?  Well I know that there herbal extracts out there that are pretty darn potent antibiotics - berberine, allicin, wormwood, oregano oil.  If I was about to jump off a bridge because of RLS I would do some research before jumping and try the natural antibiotics.


Yes, she is on anti-coags together with the beta blocker. They have not had the need  to do cardioversion as ECG now showing normal. She starts the anti-coags shortly, only had stitches removed today and no sign of bleeding. Couldn't start any earlier. So at the moment she is only on beta blockers. Can only attribute the RLS change to that.

Her body and pulse are now "normal". In surgery she was 178/81 and pulse varying low 36 and high of nearly 190.


Surgery, even minor, can make anyone's blood pressure go through the roof.  Was she given antibiotics either before, during or after the surgery?  What is the name of the beta blocker.  There's one that is a vaso-dilator that might improve RLS.  Can't think of the name.


Also, has your wife's eating habits changed since surgery ie loss of appetite, smaller portions or even larger portions?  Since there was cutting did the surgeon advise your wife to take iron?  We have to figure out why your wife's long standing RLS disappeared - at all costs.


Bisglyc -

There seems to be a strong connection between gut health and RLS with some people. A Doctor Mark Pimentel in Los Angeles has had success in treating Irritable Bowel Syndrome with certain antibiotics. In the process, he noticed that some people doing this protocol had their RLS symptoms resolved. I tried the treatment but it didn't work for me. Nevertheless, taking great care with my diet does help my RLS symptoms.

Dr. Pimentel has written a book: "A New IBS Solution," available on Amazon, in which he outlines his treatment.


No antibiotics involved. Eating habits no change. General feeling of wellbeing immensely improved.

Beta blockers are Bisoprolol.

On NHS site, treatment follows guidelines for diagnosis of asymptomatic AF.

The cardiologist was of the opinion she had been AF for a considerable period of time. This now makes sense.

Only other meds are Thyroxine for hypothyroidism. Not connected to this. Full blood count and thyroid checks carried out on same day as day surgery.

There doesn't seem at this time any explanation other than the beta blocker for the change.

I posted wondering if others had experienced this and had/had not made the connection.

No iron deficiency.

Thanks for your input. 


What, what?  Wait a second, were you diagnosed with SIBO?  Do you have any other symptoms of SIBO besides RLS?  What type of antibiotic did you try?  For how long?  Did you have even a couple of days of relief? 


The antibiotics were rifaximin and neomycin but they didn't seem to help even for a few days. My symptoms seems to be more in the stomach area than the small intestine - pain and discomfort esp. after eating fatty foods. This discomfort then causes my RLS symptoms. 

Sweet foods and caffeine hype up my whole body and keep me from sleeping. When I watch my diet - which I do most of the time - I sleep a lot better. I take 300mg of Gabapentin a couple of hours before bedtime. 

Exercise also helps a lot - I walk the dog about a mile a day.

 Hope this is helpful.


Yes, very!


I've red your earlier comment and it was interesting you mentioned IBS. I had this a few years ago, possibly at the beginning of my RLS problems. I often have problems in my intestine after some fatty food, like hot milk, cream sweat cakes etc....I wonder if this could have something to do with RLS I've had for the last few years. It has gone worse as I have it every night and cant sleep. Its driving my crazy that I want to cry every night! Can I ask (although it works for everyone differently) what changes you made in your diet? I think this is what I need to do first before taking any med as those tablets make me feel awful during that day. Thanks.

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Not to be a pest, but what is your diet like?  And what shoe size do you wear and what's your favorite color ;)  just kidding :)


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