If it weren't for the people on this forum I would be in a real mess with my RLS meds. I am taking Requip and found out I was taking way to much and going into augmentation . I was taking 2 2mg tab.3-4 times a day. plus going without sleep for days at a time. I had a 2 mo. wait to see my Dr.

So. thanks to google here's what I did. Instead of cutting down on the dosage you extend the time between doses. It can be a little uncomfortable, but not unbearable. I managed to cut out one dose by doing this and I was starting to feel  better. When I saw my Dr. he increased my Requip to 1  3mg tab 2 times a day plus 2  2mg of Colenzapam at night. It's been working for about 6 weeks. I am very careful now to write down the times when I take my meds and to extend the time between doses if I can. According to my Dr. he won't be able to increase the dosage for me so I have to make this work. 

I know this isn't the answer for everyone and it might be temporary for me, but for now what a relief . 

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  • I'm not sure if this Dr is a sleep specialist? If you're taking this for RLS he should know that dopamine agonists get less and less effective after augmentation. For me, pramipexole stopped working after 2 years, it had already caused whole body RLS which didn't go away for a long time even after I stopped taking it. So he prescribed me a new type of medication, which works.

  • Believe me I've thought about what will come next. I'm just so glad to have some relief from this even if it's temporary. I do have RLS and the Dr. is a neurologists .Would you mind telling me what new med you are taking? I do appreciate your reply.

  • I'm on gabapentin since september

  • I took Requip which for me was a disaster I kept falling all over the place eventually nearly immolation get myself in a sliding door closet. I have tried so many things over the years and have eliminated foods.of one sort or another.The thing about RLS that is certain no one thing works for everyone.It is like playing Russian Roulette.

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